What People Are Saying

“IntelliApp allowed us to track follow up, make notes, and record the actions of the potential applications in one platform viewable by all members of the Schilli Team.”

Chris, Schilli Corporation

“It is tremendously easier to manage than our previous process. It probably took a whole day to do DQF reports prior to Tenstreet and it has saved us a huge amount of time.”

Jenny Topp QA Coordinator


“We have been working with Tenstreet for almost two years. Tenstreet has completely changed how we operate and recruit drivers. It has made us all more efficient and able to get drivers to work in a more timely manner. We would recommend Tenstreet to anyone without hesitation!”

Deborah Johnson, Recruiting Director – TransForce

“Just to let you know, we went through a Texas State DOT Audit and we passed with flying colors. The auditors were here for only 6 hours! They were very pleased with the electronic DQ Files! They stated they planned on being here for 3-4 days!”

Jason Turnbo, Manager Contractor Development – Parkway Transport


Tenstreet is a fast paced, technology company providing software solutions for the transportation industry. We’re after talented individuals with original ideas and passion to realize them.



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