Tenstreet Renovation 2016

Three Easy Steps to Survive the Tenstreet 2016 Renovation

Leah Kelly Xpress 28 Comments

Step One: Don’t Panic

Everything is where you left it!

As great as these last 10 years have been, we know many of you agree that it was high time for a makeover. Soon, we’ll be making our big unveil. But don’t fret—everything will be in the same place you left it, with one exciting addition.

Dashboard same place exciting addition

Step Two: Meet the New Sidebar Menu

We took the liberty of adding some key functionality to something you’ve been asking for years: a better way to multi-task.


Welcome the sidebar menu, the new home for your reminders, badges, a new quick search, and a link to our phone app. The sidebar menu can be hidden or made visible with one simple click, saving valuable real estate on smaller screens. It also stays with you on every screen (Home, Worklist, Reports) so it’s always available from wherever you’re working.

How does it help you multi-task?

Say you’re working on John’s record when Mary calls. Today, you’d have to get out of what you were doing to help Mary, only to have to start all over again with John when you finished.

We’ve solved this problem by adding search and our phone app to the sidebar, both of which open in a new browser tab. Now you can help Mary while staying on John’s record, never having to leave (or lose!) your work. 


Dashboard quick search

Phone App

Dashboard phone app

Step Three: Celebrate

Celebrate a more graceful and better-looking 2016 Tenstreet! Enjoy the fresh look and feel, take advantage of the new sidebar designed with multi-tasking in mind, and rest easy knowing that everything else is in its place.

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Comments 28

  1. I may be the only one, but I don’t like it. The look and feel is cheap looking. Maybe I just need to use it more. I agree with bobby the blue and sliver is awful. I have always been super happy with tenstreet so will give it a chance…

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  2. In the past I would have 2 or even 3 Tenstreet pages open so I could search for candidates who called while I was working on another. Great, I mean GREAT new tool. Thank you, Thank you very much.

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  4. It would be so nice if there was a notification in the reminders that someone tagged you in a note. Other than just putting it in the reminder section. Like a flag that says you Jane Doe sent you a reminder or you have 3 new reminders. That would eliminate having to tell or email someone what you had just said in the notes.

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