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Tenstreet Solutions Infographic

We’re always busy finding new ways to provide you with outstanding new service solutions in the areas of advanced recruiting, marketing, onboarding, and safety. But in all of the excitement, we may have very regrettably left you a little in the dark as to how all these pieces fit together. So, we’d like to introduce to you our newly created Desktop and Mobile Services Infographic to help shine a light on all of our services in their respective service categories, so you can clearly see the big Tenstreet picture.

Slide #1: A comprehensive view of all of our services

Slide #2: Our base services of IntelliApp, Xpress, and Xchange.

Slide #3: Advanced Recruiting

Slide #4: Marketing

Slide #5: Onboarding

Slide #6: Safety

We’re continuing to add more services all the time, so this map will remain far from static. Be on the lookout for updates as we progress, in our ongoing effort to help you progress.

Tenstreet Services Infographic

Download the Infographic >

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Our driver recruiting solutions are proven every day through 11M+ IntelliApps, 2.8+ Million Drivers, 1050+ Enterprise Clients, 2,850 network providers and 30,000 requesting companies.


Recruit Faster

Some companies report 50% and even 100% increases in recruiting-staff productivity after they employed Tenstreet technology…

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Increase Profitability

Tenstreet products increase recruiter and processor productivity by 50-100%, this decreases costs per hire and increases profits

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Increase Recruiter Production

Give your personnel staff the power to stay ahead of DOT rules while they focus on the work that makes your trucking business profitable…

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Increase Applications

Pre-population of driver data through IntelliApp allows candidates to easily fill out, upload, and send applications to trucking companies.

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Save Time

Through our Xchange software, you can reduce the amount of time spent to procure Verifications by 450%.

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Mobile Convenience & Speed

Nearly half of our customers’ DOT-compliant applications are submitted on mobile devices.

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Hire Drivers Better

Recruiting problems are solved with the services’ interactive application that automates the collection of driver work history and employment data…

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Cut Ad Expenses

We have created a service that leverages our expertise, software and position in the marketplace to reach prospective applicants directly on your behalf.

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Free Verifications

Any carrier can provide or request verification via the Xchange network at no charge.


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