Tenstreet, LLC., Security Policy


Last Updated September 11, 2018

Millions of people trust us with keeping their information secure and this isn’t a responsibility we take lightly. In fact, it underlies every decision we make and influences every solution we offer.

Our approach for security is based on the well-established principle of defense-in-depth, deploying numerous overlapping controls for robust protection without relying on any one control as a “silver bullet.” Security is administered through a chartered information security program, overseen by a committee that includes executive leadership.

Despite the effort we put into security, we know that simply saying, “Trust us, we’re secure!” doesn’t serve anyone’s best interest. Therefore, we annually undergo a SOC2 Type II audit to evaluate the design and effectiveness of the controls enacted through our security program. And beyond that, we engage with third-party information security professionals to analyze and test our security posture, helping to stay on top of emerging threats.

As information security continues to be an ever-escalating arms race, we take tremendous responsibility in protecting our users. Beyond fully understanding our duty to look out for those who choose to put their trust in us, we also see it as a key feature of our service offerings – allowing our clients/users to spend less time worrying about security and focus more on the tasks at hand.