Our Account Managers


If you’re a Tenstreet client, you’ve had the pleasure of working with one of our account managers. They work hard to set up accounts, onboard and train users, answer questions, and assist however they can in helping our clients get the most value out of their tools. Our account managers bring years of experience in both support and transportation roles and are a crucial part of making Tenstreet run smoothly. Get to know a little more about them below!

Amanda Bebee

Tenstreet team member since 2011 (started as an Independent Contractor before becoming an Account Manager)

Industry/Relatable Experience: Worked in Shipping/Receiving Department at Home Depot and later was a Driver Manager at a Top 250 OTR Flatbed Trucking Company

Tenstreet Strengths: Routing, Tool Usage, Home Page Management

Fun Facts: I started with Tenstreet making phone calls with an infant during his nap time – he’s almost a middle schooler now!

Outside of Work:  I love camping/hiking with my son and dog (Daisy) when I am not on the sidelines with my husband cheering on my daughter’s college soccer team (Go MSC!)

Marlene Carnahan

Tenstreet team member since 2012

Industry/Relatable Experience: 16 years in Transportation including Operations, Safety and Recruiting

Tenstreet Strengths: Xpress and DQF

Fun Facts:  I used Tenstreet when working at a Top 250 Trucking Company.

Outside of Work:  I like to read, travel, and be with family and dogs.

Amanda Frier

Tenstreet team member since 2016

Industry/Relatable Experience: 10 years customer service experience, including 7 years working with Applicant Tracking Systems

Tenstreet Strengths: Job Requisitions, Re-Implementation, Client Relations

Fun Facts: I studied landscaping for 2 years in college.

Outside of Work: I’m married. I have a 10 y/o son. I love college football, baking & cooking, and road trips!

Martin Imrisek

Tenstreet team member since 2014

Industry/Relatable Experience:  Based on my extensive knowledge of the Tenstreet platform, I’m able to quickly identify a client’s pain points and propose efficient solutions to effectively recruit, hire, and retain drivers.

Tenstreet Strengths:  Implemented 200+ carriers with fleet sizes ranging from 50 to 5,000+

Fun Facts:  I like auto racing and the Chicago Bears.

Outside of Work: I have a collection of over 2,300 sports-related autographs.

Cara Lee

Tenstreet team member since 2014

Industry/Relatable Experience: 23 years transportation industry experience – MRO/ Drug Testing/ Randoms/ Background Investigation / Implementation Project Management

Tenstreet Strengths: Implementations, Safety Management, DQF, Client Relations, Training

Fun Facts: I’m a certified professional florist!

Outside of work: I’ve been married 25 years to my wonderful husband, we have 3 teenagers at home, and I love to go to Kenya, East Africa to do missions work.

Cheri Mullin

Tenstreet team member since 2014

Industry/Relatable Experience: 23 yrs. transportation industry experience (MRO/Drug Testing, Random Mgmt, DQF Mgmt, DOT Physical Mgmt, and Acct. Mgmt)

Tenstreet Strengths: DQF, Job Reqs, Onboarding

Fun Facts: I have been skydiving, white water rafting, and have explored Mayan ruins.

Outside of work: I love the mountains and exploring new places, reading, and football!

Ashley Pearson

Tenstreet team member since 2018

Industry/Relatable Experience: 5 years of transportation experience (Recruiting, Processing, Retention, and Lead Generation)

Tenstreet Strengths: Optimal Workflow, Process Automation, User Productivity, and Xchange Request, and Routing)

Fun Facts: I love, love shoes and Apple Watch Bands.

Outside of Work: I’m married, I have 2 amazing sons, and I love to cook.

Kimberly Theken

Tenstreet team member since 2007

Industry/Relatable Experience: 26 yrs. transportation industry experience (Recruiting, Processing, HR, Retention)

Tenstreet Strengths: Workflow, Automation, Xchange, Requisitions

Fun Facts: I was Tenstreet’s first client when I worked at a Top 250 flatbed carrier!

Outside of Work: I’m married, have 2 beautiful girls, love coffee, and relaxing at the beach.

Natalie Williams

Tenstreet team member since 2014

Industry/Relatable Experience: 10 years of transportation experience – Processing, Retention, Recruiting, Executive Reports

Tenstreet Strengths: Workflow, Job Requisitions, Xchange,

Fun Facts: I was a previous Tenstreet client.

Outside of Work: I am married with three crazy kiddos! I drink way too much caffeine and love all things Disney.