Top 9 Trucking Conferences in 2017

Gaining new business and ideas, enmeshing yourself in the industry, and meeting other like-minded people who share your passion are just a few of the rewarding reasons people love to get out of the office to attend trade conferences. In the transportation industry, there is no shortage of available events.

With Google search results approaching the 2 million mark, this list is in no way comprehensive or inclusive of all the worthwhile conferences out there. From our own research of national trade organizations, and listed in chronological order, we bring you the leading (and largest) trucking conferences for networking in 2017.

If you know of others that should have made the list, let us know!


MATS1. Mid-American Trucking Show – MATS – March 23-25 – Louisville, KY

In its 47th year, MATS offers a unique combination of exhibit displays, hands-on demonstrations, networking opportunities, and events. With more than 800 exhibitors, it’s been bred to be the largest, most diversified, and most well-attended trucking show in North America. Click here for more information.



2. Truckload Carriers Association – TCA 2017 Annual Convention – March 26-29 – Nashville, TN

Over its 78-year history, this convention has become the premier gathering for the truckload segment of the trucking industry. Geared toward for-hire carriers, industry suppliers, and individuals involved with truckload-specific operations, the 3½-day event provides face-to-face time for top industry executives to share ideas and develop new strategies for the future. Click here for more information.



Tenstreet Conferences3. Tenstreet – Tenstreet User Conference – April 20-21 – Las Vegas, NV

Yes – we did insert a shameless plug here. We’re so excited to be hosting our first learning conference, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Tenstreet sessions will focus on industry best practices and will demonstrate how our solutions integrate seamlessly to create a comprehensive, simple solution. Offering personalized training, a preview into new and unreleased services, access to vendors, interactive panel discussions and endless opportunities to connect, it’s sure to be a hit. Click here for information.

NPTC Conference Logo4. The National Private Truck Council – NPTC Annual Education Management Conference and Exhibition – Apr 29-May 1 – Cincinnati, OH

With over 1,200 attendees and 190 exhibitors, this conference offers industry insight and practices and delivers exceptional take-away value. The NPTC proudly positions itself as the only trade association in the United States devoted exclusively to the interests of the private corporate trucking fleet industry and its professional practitioners. They represent a cross-section of American manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and public service organizations ranging in size from family-owned small businesses and town utility fleets to Fortune 500 global conglomerates. Click here for more information.

CVTA Conference Logo5. Commercial Vehicle Training Association – CVTA Spring Conference – May 10-12 – New Orleans, LA

The CVTA is the largest association representing commercial truck driver training programs in the United States. Currently, it represents nearly 200 training providers in 41 states and trains over 50,000 commercial drivers annually. Conference attendance here is a concrete activity that solidifies the membership and more importantly allows participants to offer new ideas for training and the trucking industry. Click here for more information.

6. Truckload Carriers Association – WorkForce Builders Conference (WFBCON) – June 12-14 – Kansas City, MO

The second TCA conference to make our list, WFBCON conferences are built around workshop tracks dedicated to HR, recruitment, retention and fleet management. This year, WFBCON takes a fresh look at human resources issues with their annual conference designed to address recruiting and engagement, fleet management, hiring, related best practices and strategic ideas. Click here for more information.

GATS conferences7. Great American Trucking Show – GATS – August 24-25 – Dallas, TX

GATS is a trucking convention with over 500,000 feet of exhibit space that blesses Dallas with its presence in August each year. Sponsored by the Texas Trucking Association (TXTA), it exhibits leaders in the heavy duty trucking industry and much more. Click here for more information.


ATA Conferences8. The American Trucking Association – ATA Safety, Security & Human Resources National Conference & Exhibition – November 14-16 – Memphis, TN

This event covers critical topics and provides opportunities to connect with leaders in trucking safety, security and human resources, and hosted nearly 60 participating exhibitors. The ATA has been the leading advocate for the trucking industry since 1933, and is committed to developing and advocating innovative, research-based policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability and profitability. Click here for more information.

NASTC Conferences9. National Association of Small Trucking Companies – NASTC Annual Conference –November 16-18 – Nashville, TN

The NASTC is dedicated to helping small trucking companies succeed in a growing competitive industry, and boasts a total of 5,000+ small fleet carriers – adding 80 to 100 new carriers each month. Each year NASTC hand picks guest speakers with specialized expertise in several areas of the transportation industry. Click here for more information.

Any conferences we left off? What are your favorite conferences to attend in the trucking industry? Let us know your thoughts if you plan to attend or have attended in the past. We hope to see you at these events and many more throughout 2017.

Happy New Year!

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