Tenstreet’s 1st User Conference

Thank you to everybody who made it out, and for those who didn’t, we hope to see you in 2018. Be on the lookout for information on our 2nd Tenstreet User Conference coming soon!

We are excited to announce our 1st Tenstreet User Conference, set for April 20th and 21st, at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Get Ready For:

  • personalized training
  • a preview into new and unreleased services
  • an overview of important industry trends
  • access to vendors, interactive panel discussions
  • and endless opportunities to connect

Conference sessions will focus on best practices in marketing, background checks and verifications, recruiting, onboarding, safety, and management – and will visually demonstrate how Tenstreet’s solutions in these six focus areas integrate seamlessly to create a comprehensive, yet simple solution.

We’re looking forward to sharing our vision for the future, our new and upcoming services, and most importantly our time with the people who make it all possible.

Tentative Agenda*

Thursday, April 20th

Welcome – Keynote Speech

Tim Crawford, CEO of Tenstreet, will welcome users by discussing important industry trends, including changes in driver behavior and the importance of response time. Get a sneak peek of Tenstreet’s product roadmap, and learn what we plan to do to ensure our clients’ continued success.

Driver Pulse

The Driver Pulse Mobile App for phones and tablets is Tenstreet’s first (and free!) mobile app for drivers. Learn how Driver Pulse creates quick and easy solutions in the areas of recruiting, processing, onboarding and post-hire for your prospective and current drivers. Discussion will cover Active Jobs, carrier profile, carrier search, Forms & Videos (e.g. training videos, annual COV, offer letters, etc.), Greyhound processing, driver referrals, and more.

Best Practices in Marketing

With the focus on our newest services of Origins and Drip, this interactive training session will show you how you can get the most actionable media cost per hire, and how to stay engaged with the 90% of applicants you don’t hire each month. An overview and discussion on our featured services of Landing Pages, Active Jobs, Job Store (new!), Driver Referral Program, and general referrer effectiveness will also occur.

Best Practices in Background Checks and Verifications

Make verifying and providing employment verifications simple and fast, and find out how it all started with our core service, Xchange. Learn about Network Providing, Xchange summary and tracking, supported request types, background check vendors & products, compliance, and how to stay legal – including best practices in authorization language, Adverse Action, and ban-the-box.

Friday, April 21st

Best Practices in Recruiting

Streamline the hiring process and learn how to best utilize advanced automation and workflow, manage your work in progress, and easily monitor your driver activities in this recruiting-focused session. Topics covered range from developing offer and pre-hire letters to working with third-party recruiters and Tenstreet’s school network.

Best Practices in Onboarding

Learn how to easily adopt a paperless onboarding process and create a more meaningful orientation experience using video training, Confirmation IA, and Document Uploader. Validate, track, and auto-populate driver forms to gain huge efficiencies in time and money. Driver Pulse drastically eases the burden on both your recruiting team and your drivers by providing a completely mobile onboarding solution from start to finish, turning your onboarding from storm to mild breeze.

Best Practices in Safety

Building on the Xpress platform, our safety services help you manage the compliance of your drivers’ files with a paperless system, creating a powerful yet simple-to-use solution without the paper shuffle. Learn how you can order MVRs in bulk (new!) and view key safety details allowing you to conveniently track accidents, incidents, and manage your drivers.

Best Practices in Management

Leverage the power of Xpress by taking advantage of management tools such as Custom Report Wizard, Goal Tracking, IA Now, status notifications, automated workflow processes, texting, and subject reassign. Simplify your day to day work and harness this power on the go using our Xpress app, specifically designed with the busy recruiter in mind.

*please note: This agenda is subject to change at any time.

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