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Job Store + Active Jobs Q&A

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Blended Marketing Solutions

We recently held a webinar on Job Store – a new, revolutionary way to purchase job board advertising from one digital store front. Since Active Jobs plays such an integral role in Job Store – as they do with Tenstreet Market, Pulse, IntelliApp, social sharing, and more – we’ve made them a key focus in our webinar as well. Active Jobs is a free service that allows you to list your jobs in one place, and have them display in multiple places across the platform. Job Store allows you to add your Active Jobs to a range of job boards and to the Tenstreet Market.

The webinar itself was a success, and because it generated so much positive feedback, we decided to create a follow-up Q&A available. You can download the recorded webinar here.

Top Questions from the Webinar

Does it cost to setup Active Jobs?

No, it’s completely free. Setting up Active Jobs (as well as your Company Profile) is not only free, but highly encouraged as both are visible in multiple places – Pulse, Job Store, Tenstreet Market, IntelliApp, Phone App, social sharing – and many more to come.

I see you have some popular job boards available already – but what about Craigslist and Indeed? Will you expand to other markets?

Yes! We’re looking at every social media market, and will continue to add new markets frequently.

So is there a cost for Job Store?

No, Job Store is simply a convenient gateway to access all your job boards from one place, that also allows you to post the same Active Job to multiple boards and markets with just a couple clicks. As usual, the only cost incurred would be for the ad posting itself.

If an IntelliApp is sent to one carrier through Job Store, is it sent to any other carrier?

Absolutely not. Tenstreet finds the best fits based on carrier-chosen criteria. These are single-carrier applications that are for that carrier specifically (so you can rest assured the IntelliApp you receive isn’t being shared with any other carrier).

Does Active Jobs work alongside Job Requisitions?

Unfortunately, no – they are separate entities. We recommend transitioning your Job Reqs to Active Jobs to gain all the benefits it affords, and avoid double entry. If a transition isn’t feasible right now, using both is still possible.

Are blended marketing solutions practical for smaller carriers that usually need less than 10 drivers at any time?

Yes, definitely! To use Tenstreet Market as an example, one beta tester had needs in only two regions. Using Tenstreet Market to target specific, narrow markets yielded excellent results for them. Our other marketing solutions are also perfect for our smaller carriers, and the right combination will depend greatly on carrier need.

Can you tell when an IntelliApp comes in specific to a campaign?

Absolutely. Job Store purchases can be measured by Origins, which measures the origins of your spending, and allows you to make more educated purchasing decisions in the future. You’ll always know just what campaign deserves the credit for any particular IntelliApp.

How much do you charge for pay-per-app in IntelliApp?

That depends on the posting, the market, and the amount of coverage you’re purchasing. In Job Store, the new Tenstreet Market estimates your cost on anticipated applications received. But don’t worry, you only actually pay for the applications you receive.

How do I manage my orders?

The Job Store tool will give you access to your current campaigns with details, performance statistics, upcoming orders, etc. It also lets you see past month performances and costs.

Do I have to keep on top of the orders, or can I set it to Auto Order?

You will be notified each month of a recurring order. Do nothing, and the system will automatically order for you, unless you choose to modify or cancel the order.

Do I have to order all the Jobs in Active Jobs, or just the ones I want?

You are in control of which jobs to advertise. You also are in control of the locations in which you wish to advertise. We ensure you are clear on both by displaying your purchases on an interactive, color-coded map, before you actually make the purchase.

I want to learn more. What do I do next to start using Job Store and/or Tenstreet Marketing?

Simply contact your Advisor! They will be happy to help you determine the best blended marketing solution for your needs.

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