Stay Metrics Keeps Getting Better

Stay Metrics (acquired by Tenstreet) continues to bolster its current retention-focused survey products for the trucking industry by adding new functionality to its existing client portal. The company now provides clients with insights into monthly retention numbers and turnover so they can easily spot trends.

New dashboards show monthly retention trends

The additions include:

  • Retention Visualizations: Current clients can now see how long new drivers are staying with their carrier at regular intervals through 1 year. Seeing aggregate numbers from the Stay Metrics database helps clients compare themselves against retention numbers for an aggregated dataset.
  • Turnover: Clients can now also see their monthly turnover numbers. This will help in identifying trends related to external and internal factors.

Stay Metrics has also provided additional tools to its current Interventions platform. The Interventions platform provides clients with the ability to make a tangible, immediate impact with specific drivers. Clients have already been able to see which drivers are at risk of leaving and assign an employee to reach out to that driver. In the latest update, the client portal allows them to dig deeper into their intervention data to assess how they are performing. Clients can also see the status and outcomes of staff outreach.

The enhancements include showing how many intervention opportunities have been assigned to each staff member and the average number of days interventions have been open.

New portal enhancements create more insight-focused data visualizations for users.

“The interventions platform visualizations will help Stay Metrics’ carriers use the platform optimally,” stated Brad Fulton, director of research and analytics for Stay Metrics. “The retention and turnover visualizations will be key in understanding the impact of efforts to improve commitment as well as the pressure exerted by external factors.”

The visualizations were created to allow carriers to spend more time focusing on increasing retention, driving profitability, and enhancing team culture.

About Stay Metrics & Tenstreet

Stay Metrics is a retention strategy firm. We’re passionate about partnering with transportation companies to help them increase driver retention and commitment. Stay Metrics was recently purchased by Tenstreet. Tenstreet’s platform connects carriers and drivers, making it easier to fill trucks while staying compliant. Together, we help thousands of motor carriers and private fleets to market, recruit, onboard, manage, and retain drivers.

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