Why You Should Attend Tenstreet’s 2022 User Conference

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to see our clients in Las Vegas for a Tenstreet User Conference and we’re especially excited to be welcoming you to our 4th annual gathering!

From Wednesday April 20th – Saturday April 23rd, we’ll be convening at the Bellagio Hotel to share industry news, best practices, and what new service developments are coming from Tenstreet to help make your job even easier. Clients will also have the opportunity to network with industry peers and meet Tenstreet contacts, forging connections that can support them throughout their entire careers.

We’re greatly looking forward to the opportunity to gather with our clients at long last. Below are some of the other reasons this event will provide value for your career and your company.


Industry Insights

Tenstreet’s CEO Tim Crawford and other leading experts in the transportation industry will share insights on the state of the market to help you prepare for the challenges your business could face in the coming months. We’ll give you tons of information to take back to your carrier while facing the biggest issues in transportation today.

Breakout Sessions

With so much valuable material to cover and so many different carriers in attendance, not every session will apply to every attendee. We’ll be offering several breakout slots on the schedule where you’ll have a choice between two different sessions going on concurrently. Pick what’s relevant to your organization and skip what isn’t.

One-On-One Sessions

As much as we love sharing information we think every carrier needs to have, this conference is just as much about making individual connections with our clients. The way you run your business is unique, so we’ve reserved special time to discuss all your burning questions about your account setup, your tools, and how you want to grow. We can set you on the perfect path toward your goals.

Professional Development

Taking time away from day-to-day work to focus on building new skills, thinking about new processes, and learning more about the industry is an enormous asset to employees who are normally too busy to devote time to professional growth. Take this opportunity to enhance your skillset and develop new ideas to try at home.


Absorbing new ideas and learning from your colleagues in the industry will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired, ready to return to your job with a shifted perspective. You’ll be prepared to implement new processes to further the success of your company and share what you’ve learned with your colleagues – spreading the wealth of your knowledge throughout your organization.

The Bellagio

This luxurious Las Vegas hotel is close to delightful culinary experiences, top-notch casinos, and dazzling shows and attractions. When you’re not learning, explore the Strip and create your own adventure. Or, stay in and enjoy every comfort the hotel has to offer. Las Vegas has something for everyone.

NEW! Help Desk

For those burning Tenstreet questions you want an immediate answer to, drop by the Tenstreet Help Desk! You’ll be able to pick our brains and schedule time to meet with Tenstreeters, or do both together. Stop by or reach out to set up an appointment.

Early Access

Coming to the User Conference puts you ahead of the curve in making the most of Tenstreet’s newest innovations. User conference attendees will be the first to learn about our newest upcoming products and will receive discounted pricing and early access to our latest innovations 90 days before everyone else. 


“I have been using Tenstreet since 2017 and the 2019 User Conference was my second time to attend. I come away amazed at the enhancements and new platforms that Tenstreet incorporates. One thing that I love is that everyone is always willing to listen to the users’ suggestions. You can watch them thinking it through and then saying, “Yes, we can do that and great idea.” Sometimes we all get into a routine and forget some of the great functions that we have in front of us. The User Conference not only goes over new enhancements, but refreshes us on functions we may have forgotten about. I’m already looking forward to see what’s in store for us for next year!”

Christine Kost, Recruiting Manager, ATC

Need Even More Convincing?

Check out full details and more testimonials from past attendees on the registration page

, see the full agenda, and post a comment if you have a question. We can’t wait to see you in Vegas!

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