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Last updated May 5, 2021

This page is dedicated to our ongoing effort to strategically add value to Tenstreet products as a result of client feedback and market need. By no means is this list exhaustive or this page inclusive of all Tenstreet services. Instead, its purpose is to focus on newer products typically in an implementation status as a way to openly communicate new enhancements to our client stakeholders.


Insights (see cutsheet here) offers carriers the ability to survey drivers at every stage of their employment so you can take steps to retain your best talent. Surveys make it easy for drivers to give timely feedback through their Driver Pulse app, while detailed analytics highlight problem areas and illuminate where change needs to happen so your business can see the success it deserves.

Insights launched in February 2021 and has since rolled out these additional product enhancements:

  • color-coded scoring tables allow clients to more easily identify driver satisfaction and target specific issues
  • filtering options expanded to include worklist, tag options, assigned users, and date range options for hire and orientation dates
  • ability to export driver survey detail and question categories
  • comment mode toggle allows for abbreviated or full comment view in driver detail screen
  • ability to have summary reports emailed daily, weekly, or monthly
  • new exit surveys to assist in delivering greater clarity on reason for leaving

We’re currently working on adding these enhancements:

  • send anonymous surveys as often as needed to their fleet, checking in and collecting feedback
  • send pre-recorded videos to their entire fleet regarding any topic (e.g safety alerts, new pay increases, addressing a common concern, etc.) 
  • adding ongoing surveys to the configuration tool, allowing users to select months and dates
  • ability to run more in-depth analytics
  • customizable Interventions Tool allows users to define scoring triggers that automatically schedule an intervention
    • ability to add statuses, leave notes, and assign users to interventions 
    • ability to communicate to drivers directly through the Interventions Tool

Be sure to add checking this page to your weekly to do! It will be updated every Monday by 5pm CST.

If you have additional feedback on how you think Insights can improve, please let us know by emailing your thoughts to [email protected].

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