Communication Engine

Communicate Better, Hire Better

Frictionless Process

From application to orientation Communications Engine enhances communication between the driver and recruiter removing friction from the hiring process.


Communications Engine utilizes a paperless process that includes online forms, scanned paper documents, photos and file uploads.

Real-Time Comms

From the moment a driver completes an application communications engine enables recruiters to talk to them in real-time. It also utilizes texting & push notifications for reminders & file updates.

All Document Types & Digital Signature

The Forms Engine software supports any document type, such as the I-9, W4, Benefit Enrollment, Annual Review, etc., and it uses a digitized signature functionality to simplify the process.

Online Orientation & Video Training

With Communications Engine, candidates can now complete tax forms, onboarding documents, and watch safety/company videos at their own pace, from anywhere via computers, tablets or smartphones. Employees can complete health insurance, emergency contact, tax, and acknowledgment forms. It will help you organize your documents more efficiently and train your candidates.

Communication Engine creates a better process for hiring drivers. It reduces the friction of paper-based processes and enables simple communication across mobile devices.

Digitized Signature

Our Digitized Signature eliminates the pain of having to print and fax the required release forms for employment history and drug screening data.

  • Drivers no longer need to print, sign and fax or mail release information.
  • No Faxing. Recruiters can email release forms to multiple recipients in just one click.
  • Digitized signatures compliant with DOT/state legal and regulatory requirements can now be fully completed online using only a web browser.

Leverage Existing Data

Leverage data already captured on the application to pre-fill documents with common fields such as name, SSN, date of birth and driver’s license number. Fill it out once and be done!

Track Document Completion

All documents automatically flow directly into your document management section along with a notification the subject has completed their tasks.

By reducing the number of incomplete
or incorrectly completed applications,
we increased our recruiter productivity by 60%”

A Top 100 Midwest Flatbed Carrier

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    The communication engine enables the completion of on-boarding forms/videos within a secure webpage that can be completed by the driver  from any location on a smartphone or tablet.


    An online application that makes the experience of applying for a DOT or Non-DOT position enjoyable for the candidate and carrier!