Xtend is a powerful communications channel between employees and management.

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Once carriers hire new employees, it’s important to keep making them a priority. Whether an employee is new or about to retire, meeting their needs is important. Carriers must find a way to appeal to future candidates while meeting the needs of existing employees.

Better Communication

Xtend is a powerful communications channel between employees and management. It enables employees and drivers to feel more connected to their employers. It also  addresses employee issues and concerns to management allowing them to confront internal issues and reach out to personnel. We guarantee you will see an increase in profit, a decrease in turnover, and an increase in your driver/carrier relationship.


  • Proactive outreach to employees, especially new hires and employees in high-stress positions
  • Clear communication of employee issues/concerns to management, replacing anecdotal feedback with reporting that calls out systemic issues that need attention.
  • Identify driver specific issues, in time to retain drivers
  • Build driver loyalty by broad outreach
  • Get real metrics on issues facing drivers
  • Track improvements in high leverage areas
Tango Transport XTEND Webinar Pdf

Tango Transport XTEND Webinar Pdf

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By reducing the number of incomplete
or incorrectly completed applications,
we increased our recruiter productivity by 60%”

A Top 100 Midwest Flatbed Carrier


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    Xtend’s retention services ensure that there is an effective communications channel between employees and management.


    The communication engine enables the completion of on-boarding forms/videos within a secure webpage that can be completed by the driver  from any location on a smartphone or tablet.


    An online application that makes the experience of applying for a DOT or Non-DOT position enjoyable for the candidate and carrier!