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Companies have reported 50% and even 100% increases in recruiting staff productivity after implementing our software. Our software enables candidates and businesses to spend less time filing papers and more time recruiting the best drivers.

Businesses experience 50% to 100% increase in recruiting staff productivity!

IntelliApp, and Xpress focus on delivering complete and accurate candidate information fast and with less effort. Features such as IntelliApp Now, job requisitions, and auto-population connect recruiters and applicants, leading to 60% more applications.

Our solutions simplify a candidate’s process, provide recruiters with powerful tools to accelerate their workflow, and enable management to oversee the entire recruiting process.

Recruiting Webinar Video Downloads:

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Applications from Anywhere:

We have more integrations on the front end to accept applications than anyone. Period.

Sales Ticklers:

We give the recruiters effective ways to keep up a dialogue with 50+ candidates at a time with notes, reminders, texting, scoring to focus on the best candidates and more.

One-Click Background Checks:

One-Click Background checks and seamless integration with Xchange.

Easy 3rd Party Information Updates:

3rd party information never matches up with the information on the application. So, we’ve created a simple way to manage 3rd party updates.

Onboarding & Scheduling:

Onboard your recruits, schedule travel, manage orientation, track missing documents, etc…

Check out our Onboarding Whitepaper with Testimonials from Prime Inc. & USA Truck.



App Distribution:

You have a pool of recruiters, we help you get the right applications to the right recruiters.

Handoffs to Processing/Safety

Report Wizard, Home Page & Goals:

The Report Wizard delivers management and operational metrics.

Approvals & Management Review:

Recruiting Software


IntelliApp makes the experience of applying for a DOT or Non-DOT position enjoyable for the candidate and carrier


xpress by tenstreet

Xpress dynamic workflow management allows you to bring efficiency to the hiring process and the ability to measure speed to hire.



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