Recruiting & Retention Insights for 2024

Our data-backed report on achieving carrier success in a slow economy has been helping carriers who aren't sure how to build momentum during no-growth periods develop strategies for success.

If you’re wondering how to take action on the insights we shared from our survey of 200 anonymous carriers, we’re here to help. We offer tools that can cut spending on costly and ineffective tactics and help you save in the long run by investing in the future of your business.

Here’s how Tenstreet combats the biggest challenges we’ve unearthed:  

  • Hiring a driver to fill an empty seat costs most carriers at least $1,000 – and the average carrier recruits 22 drivers a year just to keep up with turnover: Our recruiting solutions like Driver Pulse and IntelliApp Now speed up hiring timelines and cut the costs of empty trucks by filling seats faster.
  • The average carrier takes at least 5 days to fill an empty seat and struggles to predict when drivers will leave: Our marketing solutions like Drip Marketing and Job Store help you stay in touch with previous applicants and reach the right driver pools faster.
  • Carriers feel most concerned about compliance, onboarding, and safety when it comes to drivers: We offer onboarding and safety tools that bring these functions of your business into one online database and weave compliance into every tool we develop, making it easy for you to stay ahead of legal concerns.
  • Retention spending feels increasingly necessary to combat turnover: Our retention products like Insights and Driver Rewards help you to understand and address concerns before they lead to departures as well as reward positive driver behaviors and make your fleet feel appreciated and loyal.

If you’re ready to see these solutions in action and learn more, reach out to us to request a demo – we’d love to show you how you can succeed, even when the economy is tough.

Missed it the first time or want to take another look?

Here are a couple of the findings early readers have found most insightful:

  • Driver churn costs most carriers a minimum of $34,000/year – but they can cut these losses by investing in retention.
  • New recruiting strategies are crucial for getting in front of the best drivers – job boards alone won’t fill seats anymore.
  • Recruiting is just the beginning of the driver relationship journey, and robust solutions that can manage the entire lifecycle put companies ahead of their peers.