• Reduce accident liability risk

    Create a culture of safety.

    As nuclear verdicts continue to impact the industry, it is critical to be able to reduce your risks in accident liability by proving your commitment to safety. Stay on top of your CSA scores, make driver training a priority, and create a defense that safety is priority and part of your company culture.

  • Become a compliance expert

    Pass an audit with flying colors.

    Gain new confidence knowing your drivers’ files stay organized and stay compliant. Manage your drivers with software that delivers timely updates on new regulations and molds itself to the way you operate.

  • Clear up the Clearinghouse

    Take care of your time to hire.

    We help make the Clearinghouse easy by educating your drivers, assisting with limited and full queries, and helping you easily incorporate Clearinghouse requirements into your existing processes – so you don’t leave drivers at the door.

CSA Integration & Solution

Provides total transparency into how your drivers are performing. Our CSA service pulls daily carrier and driver FMCSA CSA data into the Tenstreet dashboard and features infraction –> action, a groundbreaking approach that identifies and assigns corrective training to drivers based on the infraction received, sending carriers and drivers on the road to improved safety.

FMCSA Clearinghouse Services

Designate Tenstreet as your TPA and reach drivers more quickly to minimize any negative effect on your time-to-hire. The Driver Pulse network connects with drivers to improve turnaround time and time-to-hire. Carriers enjoy the support of a dedicated full-query Clearinghouse team, automated annual bulk limited query ordering, adverse action support, driver education, and DQF alerts and reporting.

Driver Qualification Files (DQF)

Reports missing/expired documents and makes complicated processes simple. Create custom alerts, request driver documents, and free yourself with stress-free, accurate file reporting.

Adverse Action

Streamlines many of the repetitive tasks of sending letters and uses email automation to notify applicants of the use of consumer reports to make hiring/firing decisions.

MVR Monitoring

MVR monitoring that integrates SambaSafety’s driver monitoring software with Tenstreet driver qualification files. Push SambaSafety motor vehicle records into driver qualification files, use Tenstreet to enroll and un-enroll employees in the SambaSafety platform, stay compliant with FMCSA-mandated annual MVRs and ENS-mandated states, and continuously keep driver qualification files up to date with ease.

Driver Pulse App

Reinforces your compliance efforts by helping to educate and train drivers on key compliance topics, simplifies the process for drivers to respond to Clearinghouse requests, and allows drivers to easily share required documents. Available on iOS and Android.


Time-saving integration that returns a full report in approximately 60 seconds without ever leaving your Tenstreet dashboard.

Annual Bulk MVR Ordering

Ordering annual MVRs one at a time is now a thing of the past. Simply select the subset of drivers you want to target using custom search criteria (like an anniversary month) and order all your MVRs in a matter of seconds.

Included Services

Our software was designed with the transportation industry in mind. These free, configurable options are automatically built-in and included:

  • Individual Assessment
  • Compliance Center
  • Ban the Box & Pay Equity Compliance
  • Privacy Policy
  • EEO Tracking
  • FCRA Disclosure & Authorization
  • §1681M Summary of Rights
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    We’ll equip you on your fight forward.
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    We’ll give you your time back.

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  • “My confidence grows day by day that they have my back. I can focus on sales, knowing when something new comes up (in compliance), they’re going to let me know about it. I encourage anybody out there to put your confidence and trust in Tenstreet and all the great tools they provide from a compliance and regulation standpoint.”

    Rob Hatchett
    President, SeatMyTrucks

  • “I asked for a mock audit a couple of months ago and the auditor stopped the audit after looking at just a few drivers and safety management pieces, and stated that we had the best driver file management that he has seen to date. Thank you all for helping us customize Tenstreet to help us be one of the best safety departments in the industry!”

    Jeanine Gaskins
    Safety Manager, Ard Trucking

  • “From recruiting drivers to building a paperless driver qualification file to safety – the savings in time and effort by integrating so fully with Tenstreet has been phenomenal. Our entire company likes Tenstreet; we use it thoroughly with every driver.”

    Tim Norlin
    Roehl, VP of Driver Employment

  • “Customer service always quick to respond and very helpful. Overall, a very easy-to-use program and extremely helpful in making sure our drivers stay DOT compliant!”

    Twila Clubb
    Riverside Transport Inc., Safety & Processing