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Being involved members of multiple national and state organizations in trucking is a privilege. The benefits of networking, community involvement, ongoing education and awareness initiatives, and a chance to contribute to improving the industry and strengthening its players is unmatched.

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Tenstreet also believes in sharing its expertise with the trucking industry. We have a number of industry experts on staff who are available to provide their insights to journalists working on trucking-related articles.

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Tenstreet In The News


How Fleets Can Use AI to Engage Truck Drivers- Heavy Duty Trucking
Tim Crawford, CEO of Tenstreet, explains how generative AI enhances communication, geofencing, and other mobile tools, addressing both benefits and potential challenges in the trucking industry​.
Tenstreet sponsored the 2024 Young Leaders Group Education Bursary awards, which were presented during the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada’s (PMTC) annual general meeting and conference in Niagara Falls, Ont. Recipients will use the bursaries to develop their skills and knowledge further to build a career in transportation and contribute to the industry.

Positive or Negative: The Future of the Trucking Industry- Sense Per Mile Podcast

Tenstreet’s CEO, Tim Crawford, makes an appearance on the first episode of Sense Per Mile Season 3. Crawford kicks off Tenstreet’s new recurring ‘Behind the Desk’ segment by sharing insights on the state of the industry. 

Introducing TCA’s Elevate Class of ’24- The Trucker

Molly Vidler, Brand Awareness Manager at Tenstreet, has been selected to be part of the 2024 Elevate TCA Young Leadership Program. Designed to empower and nurture the leaders of tomorrow, Elevate offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to engage with each other and industry mentors, further their trucking knowledge and thrive in their careers.

Orientation a Necessary Evil- Sense Per Mile Podcast

Ashley Pearson, an Account Manager at Tenstreet, makes an appearance on the Sense Per Mile podcast. As a former recruiter, Pearson shares her experience with changing your mindset in order to handle rejection when recruiting drivers. 

Video-Based Safety Systems in Trucking, an App-Based Way to Navigate Regulations and More- Commercial Carrier Journal

In this week’s CCJ Tech Shorts,they discuss Tenstreet’s 35 new capabilities that were announced at the 6th annual Tenstreet User Conference in Las Vegas. 

Tenstreet Announces New AI-Powered Recruiting and Navigation Features at 6th Annual User Conference- Fleet News Daily

Tenstreet announced 35 new features at their 2024 User Conference in Las Vegas that will further optimize driver-carrier communications and deliver measurable improvement to carrier productivity and operations.    

Tenstreet User Conference launches in Las Vegas- The Trucker

The Trucker covers the 6th Annual Tenstreet User Conference, hosted at the Bellagio Hotel April 3rd-5th. 

Generative AI Holds Unique Power to Strengthen Human Connections- FreightWaves

While human connection and generative AI may seem contradictory at first glance, AI has the power to bring people together in more meaningful ways than ever before. When carriers use AI solutions to handle straightforward communication tasks like answering frequently asked questions, they free their human employees up to engage in more nuanced and purposeful conversations. 

TCA President Jim Ward: Impacting the Industry- The Trucker

Jim Ward, president of the Truckload Carriers Association, notes that the launch of the Elevate program highlights the TCA’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. With the support of Tenstreet, this initiative promises to cultivate the next generation of leaders within our industry.


TCA Announces Elevate Young Leadership Program Class of 2024TCA

Molly Vidler, Brand Awareness Manager at
Tenstreet, has been selected to be part of the 2024 Elevate TCA Young Leadership Program. Designed to empower and nurture the leaders of tomorrow, Elevate offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to engage with each other and industry mentors, further their trucking knowledge and thrive in their careers.

Drivers Legal Plan and Tenstreet Announce Exclusive Sponsorship of ATA’s LEAD Program- The Trucker

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) has two new title sponsors for its LEAD ATA program: Drivers Legal Plan and Tenstreet, both of Oklahoma. The program, now in its 11th year, was created to engage the trucking industry’s best and brightest to become future leaders, according to a news release.


CDL Schools, Driver Training Programs Focus on the Right Fit-  Transport Topics

Shawn Davis, owner of Tennessee CDL School, uses technology from Tenstreet to help place students. “The application with Tenstreet allows me to look at their background, work history and other things they have going on to determine which companies will take them,” he said. “We can go through our checklist, match it up and say, ‘Here are one or two good companies that will work for you.’”

New Trucking Survey Reflects Carrier Sentiment and Response in a Slow Economy-  Digital Journal

An anonymous survey conducted by conducted by Worldwide Business Research Insights and commissioned by Tenstreet reveals several approaches that trucking companies of all sizes have used to optimize their spending during no-growth periods and offer insights on how other carriers are responding to these economic conditions.

Tenstreet Offers Modern Tech Solutions Tailored to Private Fleets- FreightWaves

Most technological solutions in trucking focus on improving some aspect of the for-hire fleet experience. Despite often being left out of the conversation, private fleets face a unique set of challenges that can often be addressed by different applications of the same solutions.

PMTC Young Leaders Education Bursary Award- Private Motor Truck Council of Canada

Tenstreet is a proud sponsor of the PMTC Young Leaders Education Bursary Award. The award will help promote investment in the training needs of the future young leaders of our great industry.

Are You Your Trucker’s Keeper?- Supply Chain Quarterly

The MIT FreightLab recently launched the Driver Initiative to look at utilization and quality of life of America’s truck driver and found that one of the biggest issues were long delays at shipper’s loading docks. Tenstreet’s True Load Time is working to solve this problem by collecting truck driver experiences and wait times at different shipping locations across the United States.

2024 PMTC/YLG Driven to Lead Program Registrations are Open- Private Fleet Info

Tenstreet is a proud title sponsor of the ‘Driven to Lead’ program. This is a practical leadership program that will empower those who attend to breakthrough performance barriers, improve their results, become better leaders and communicators, for their own personal benefit, as well as that of their team and employer.


On December 1st, 2023, American Trucking Associations announced it is renewing Tenstreet as an ATA Corporate Partner. This partnership provides ATA members even greater access to Tenstreet’s cutting-edge products and solutions, giving carriers a competitive edge and maximizing their investments in their systems, fleets and personnel.

As part of the Veteran Ready Summit, Brandon Meredith was named the winner of the 2023 Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence Award. Tenstreet’s Marilyn Surber served on the Selection Committee for this award.

By putting drivers in complete control of their standing within the True Fuel program, Tenstreet enables drivers to take ownership of their performance while simultaneously improving fleetwide fuel economy for carriers. 

The Truckload Carriers Association’s (TCA) has launched the Elevate TCA Young Leadership Program, sponsored by Tenstreet. The program is designed to empower and nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Marilyn Surber, head of industry relations at Tenstreet,  joined a panel designed to offer advice on how to successfully plan succession. While all panelists have a different perspective, the consensus was to start early and communicate the plan as it evolves to everyone – from drivers to managers and beyond – each step of the way.

Leading transportation and military hiring organizations, Tenstreet, Fastport, Hiring Our Heroes, TransForce, Troops into Transportation, and the American Trucking Associations (ATA) are partnering to co-host the annual Veteran Ready Summit event in Washington, D.C.

Tenstreet head of industry relations, Marilyn Surber, discusses how turnover can be addressed through mentorship programs that recognize and engage participants.

Tenstreet’s Marilyn Surber presented eight companies with the ATA Diversity Equity and Inclusion Change Leader Award at the Management Conference and Exhibition in Austin, TX. Tenstreet has sponsored the ATA DE&I Award since 2022. 

True Fuel® is now available as part of Trimble Instinct, Trimble’s in-cab ecosystem of applications designed to support drivers while they work.

Tenstreet served as a premier sponsor of ATA’s 35th Annual National Truck Driver Appreciation Week,  designed to give special recognition to the more than 3.5 million truck drivers who safely and professionally deliver America’s critical goods to communities from coast to coast.

Simplified Rewards System Designed to Support Driver Retention – FreightWaves

One of the biggest hurdles carriers face when using traditional rewards programs is a lack of driver engagement. By integrating its new rewards program into the Driver Pulse app, an app 4 out of 5 drivers already have on their phones, Tenstreet has essentially created a plug-and-play rewards program for drivers and carriers alike.

A ‘Family Reunion’ for Truck Drivers – The Gazette 

Tenstreet’s Justin Walters discusses his work as a planning committee member for the Iowa Truck Driving Championship.

2023 Private Motor Truck Council of Canada Driven to Lead Program- PMTC

The ‘Driven to Lead’ program is a practical leadership program that will empower those who attend to breakthrough performance barriers, improve their results, and become better leaders and communicators. Tenstreet will serve as a title sponsor of the program.

Kevin Nadeau sits down with Check Call’s Mary O’Connell to delve into the intricacies of detention times and how they impact the delicate balance between shippers and carriers. Read the summary of the interview on FreightWaves, or watch the full video to learn how Tenstreet’s True Load Time is providing opportunities to reduce wait times and revolutionize logistics operations.

HDT Editor and Associate Publisher Deborah Lockridge talks to Tenstreet founder Tim Crawford about trends in job driver applications, with some advice on how to use that information for better driver recruiting and retention.

FASTPORT Reports Record Number of Nominations for Driver Award – The Trucker

FASTPORT has announced that they have received a record number of nominations for the 2023 Transition Trucking: Driving for Excellence award, sponsored by Tenstreet and the American Trucking Association.

How Technology and Driver Support Improves Retention- Drive Podcast

Tenstreet’s Justin Walters sits down with the Drive Podcast to discuss the importance of of engaging with your drivers to increase retention and how Tenstreet’s technology helps bridge the gap between carriers and drivers.

3 Reasons you Don’t Want to Miss the Enterprise Fleet Summit FreightWaves

Marilyn Surber appeared at a FreightWaves virtual event, the Enterprise Fleet Summit, to talk about fleet recruiting challenges with the current freight environment and adjusting to changing driver demographics.

Navigating Detention Times: Unveiling Time-Wasting Shippers FreightWaves TV

Kevin Nadeau, founder of Tenstreet’s True Load Time, sits down with Mary O’Connell of FreightWaves TV’s Check Call to discuss what’s going on with detention time trends and the impact of problematic shippers on carrier efficiency. Tune in to gain valuable insights on mitigating delays, industry-wide initiatives, and best practices to optimize operations.

Connecting Drivers and the Back Office is Mission Critical – Trimble Transportation 

Research from Tenstreet and other sources all show that dispatchers and other back-office support staff can have an outsized impact on driver job satisfaction, and therefore, retention.

ATA to Honor Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Leadership- Heavy Duty Trucking

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Change Leader Award, sponsored by Tenstreet, encourages ATA members to implement a DEI program or continue to improve an established company diversity equity inclusion program.

Fleets Focus on Driver Performance to Raise Fuel Economy- Transport Topics

Transport Topics discusses how integrating Trimble’s fleet management system with Tenstreet’s True Fuel technology can provide real-time, in-cab audible coaching combined with fuel efficiency data.

How Classic Carriers Worked with Tenstreet to Improve the Driver Experience FleetOwner

FleetOwner shares how Tenstreet and Classic Carriers worked together to improve detention pay, enhance work-life balance, and reduce driver turnover.

Recruiting is one thing, turnover is another- FreightWaves NOW

Marilyn Surber of Tenstreet joins Bill Priestley of FreightWaves NOW and Charlie Saffo of CS Consulting for a roundtable discussion on turnover – not that it happens, but why it’s happening so quickly in trucking. 

Mata named National Recruiter of the Year- TruckNews.com

Jessica Mata was named the 2023 National Recruiter of the Year, an award sponsored by Tenstreet, at the recent National Recruiting and Retention Symposium in Brampton, Ont. Mata, recruiting and retention manager at Wellington Group of Companies, received the award from Marilyn Surber, Tenstreet’s Transportation Advisor.

Tenstreet Acquires TruckMap, Launches Reward, Fuel Programs- Heavy Duty Trucking

HDT covers Tenstreet’s acquisition of TruckMap- a mobile app for truck drivers with unique features that will be integrated into the Driver Pulse App- at it’s 2023 User Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Additionally, Tenstreet announced two new products, Rewards and True Fuel.

Pioneering Incentive Program Offers Savings Without Implementation Woes- FreightWaves

FreightWaves details the new driver rewards program and fuel incentive program unveiled at Tenstreet’s 2023 User Conference in Las Vegas.

Ellen Voie: A Trailblazing Leader- Waste Advantage Management

Ellen Voie, founder of the Women in Trucking Association, states that StayMetrics, owned by Tenstreet, was one of the first companies to collect and release retention and recruiting data involving women in trucking.

More Women Become Truckers as the Industry Tries to Overcome a Shortage of Drivers CNBC

Data provided by Tenstreet and quotes from Brad Fulton, director of research and analytics at Tenstreet, are used to discuss the rising levels of women in the trucking industry.

2023 Top Women to Watch in Transportation- Women in Trucking

Marilyn Surber, Tenstreet’s transportation advisor, was named one of 2023’s Top Women to Watch in Transportation by Women in Trucking.

Perspective: The Right Recruiting Impression Transport Topics

Atlas Van Lines recently partnered with Tenstreet, and was able to reduce the average time it takes to bring new recruits on board from 88 days to 15 days.

Two-Year Study of Driver Pulse Data Indicates Changing Trends in Driver Landscape- American Journal of Transportation

Data from the Driver Pulse App shows a continued pattern that indicates the average age of drivers using the app is trending younger for the second year in a row. These findings suggest that trucking companies should be actively focusing on how they can appeal to a younger workforce, and that female drivers are still an important swath of the driver population to pay attention to when hiring.

Using Tech to Recruit the Next Generation- FleetMaintenance

“Mobile-first technology is what a younger generation is looking for. Using an app like Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse lets them complete tasks easily and streamlines the hiring process for both carriers and drivers,” says Marilyn Surber, transportation advisor at Tenstreet. “If you expect a 23-year-old to fill out paperwork manually or spend a lot of time navigating your website, you will lose them.” 

PMTC Award Program Opens for Entries- Truck News

The 2023 Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) awards program is open for entries, including the PMTC-Tenstreet Young Leaders Education Bursary.

Scale Your Military Talent Acquisition – TransForce

Dave Harrison, Executive Director at FASTPORT, and Marilyn Surber, Transportation Advisor at  Tenstreet, discuss the ins and outs of creating a Veteran-Ready Culture.

How to Reduce Fuel Waste with In-Cab Coaching- Trimble Transportation

Trimble Transportation announces an integration with Tenstreet True Fuel®, which offers real-time feedback and a measured driver efficiency metric.

Tenstreet Offers 1-Stop Shop for Hassle-Free Hiring- FreightWaves

Dan Malone, director of driver recruiting, retention and HR for Evennon Transportation, and Scott Foster, who works in advertising operations for Tenstreet, sit down with Freightwaves to discuss how Tenstreet’s Job Store and Concierge services help carriers attract top-notch drivers even in a tough market.

Trucking Industry’s Largest Event Returns- MATS 2023 – Movin’ Out Magazine

At MATS VIP Executive Breakfast, Tenstreet will join other industry thought leaders in a discussion about solving today’s challenges through digitalization and leading the way for a sustainable future for transportation.


Customized training programs boost recruiting, retention – FreightWaves

FreightWaves sits down with Tenstreet Transportation Advisor, Marilyn Surber, to discuss how Tenstreet’s training programs and technology can help fleets reach new generations of drivers.

FASTPORT and Tenstreet Support Annual Wreaths Across America Appreciation Dinner on the Eve of National Wreaths Across America Day – Press Release

FASTPORT and Tenstreet partner to sponsor Wreaths Across America’s annual appreciation dinner. The dinner serves as a celebration of the efforts made by thousands of volunteers across the country, supporters, and the trucking industry to fulfill the mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach.

5 Ways Fleets Can Compete for Truck Drivers in a Tough Labor Market –  Heavy Duty Trucking

Tim Crawford, CEO of Tenstreet, discusses the latest data surrounding hiring drivers during an HDT Leadership Insights video podcast.

Driver Surveys Offer Retention, Safety Benefits- FreightWaves

FreightWaves shares how Tenstreet’s data-collecting power and expertise continues to bring actionable insights to the recruiting and retention space.

Tenstreet Q3 Market Index: Recruitment & Retention Rundown FleetNewsDaily

Tenstreet roundup of industry data for Q3 indicates an especially strong rebound from the unpredictability of the pandemic years – as well as the usual seasonal signals that recruiting is headed for a holiday slowdown.

Safety, Compliance Tech Investment Can Save Money Down the Road-  Truck News

Marilyn Surber, transportation leader at Tenstreet, acted as moderator for a panel discussion at Biz & Breakfast – Safety, Compliance and Insurance in the Trucking Industry.

Meet the 2022 HDT Emerging Leaders- Heavy Duty Trucking

Six out of ten HDT Emerging Leaders work for companies that use Tenstreet. Stephen Lusk of EverGreen Industries says that “adopting the Tenstreet ATS system… fundamentally changed how we identify, engage, and hire professional drivers.”

Top 5 Trucking Companies That Pay Percentage- Zippia

According to a Stay Metrics- now owned by Tenstreet- survey, drivers who received pay on a percentage split indicated they were 31% more satisfied than those who receive hourly pay and 29% more satisfied than those who receive per-mile pay.

Marilyn Surber, transportation adviser at Tenstreet, weighs in on The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Change Leader Award, sponsored by Tenstreet. This award encourages ATA members to implement a DEI program or continue to improve an established company DEI program.

Inward-facing Cameras Gain Ground as Drivers Grumble– FreightWaves

Byron Wiebold, of Tenstreet’s industry relations team discusses the implementation of inward-facing cameras.

2022 CCJ Top 250: Carriers Boost Revenue in a Tight Market – CCJ Digital

The 2022 CCJ Top 250, sponsored by Tenstreet, is the industry’s most comprehensive ranking of the largest for-hire carriers in North America with U.S. operating authority.

Recruiting and Retaining Drivers in a Post-Pandemic World– Fleet Owner

 Tim Hindes, manager of engagement products at Tenstreet discusses new research highlighting the latest trends for hiring in transportation, including how companies are responding to high turnover.

Stay The Course: Keep Recruiting Efforts Top of Mind as Market Shifts- FreightWaves

Tenstreet’s Marilyn Surber says it’s better to refrain from making serious strategy changes or even exiting the recruiting game altogether in the evolving truck driving climate.

Gen Z Seeks Tech, Purpose from Trucking Jobs – CCJ Digital

Marilyn Surber, transportation adviser at Tenstreet, weighs in on how to attract Gen Z to trucking as industry demographics shift

Strategies to Recruit the Next Generation of Drivers and Address the National Trucking Shortage- CCJ Digital

Atlas Van Lines, a Tenstreet client, was able to reduce the average time it takes to bring new recruits on board from 88 days to 15 days.

Private Fleets Sharpen Focus on Driver Satisfaction – Averitt Express

Since using Tenstreet, Dot Transportation has been “much more intentional” in its focus on hiring female drivers.

Changing Demographics in Trucking: Adaptation Tools for All Levels – TCA

Tenstreet, Next Generation in Trucking Association, and Melton Truck Lines announced a new webinar to help carriers navigate generational differences in the industry. Join us on September 8th, at 1 p.m. ET.

Tenstreet Puts Drivers in Control of Their Own Data FreightWaves

Tenstreet’s new Application Transparency feature gives drivers better control over how carriers can contact them, and it prevents drivers and carriers alike from wasting their time engaging in dead-end recruiting conversations.

Tenstreet’s New Application Transparency Tool: Drivers Control Their Data HDT

With nearly 4 million drivers storing their data on Tenstreet’s secure platform, privacy and security are hallmarks of our brand, and the new Application Transparency feature builds on that legacy.

Hiring Trends in Trucking may be Slowing  FreightWaves TV

Marilyn Surber joins the FWNow team to discuss what carriers and drivers should expect as the industry’s hiring rates begin to normalize from the hiring boom of the past few years.

Graves wins TTSAO’s Instructor of the Year Award  Truck News

Doug Graves, a professional driver since 1970, has won the TTSAO/Tenstreet Instructor of the Year award. TTSAO also honored Mike Millian, president of Private Motor Truck Council of Canada with the Tenstreet President’s Award

AB5 protests rage on, AI contract negotiators and driver onboarding– What The Truck?!?

Tim Crawford, co-founder and CEO at Tenstreet, is bringing transparency to truck driver data with Driver Pulse’s latest feature – App Transparency.

How to Recruit Drivers With so Many Retiring Now  FreightWaves TV

Marilyn Surber joins a round table discussion on recruiting drivers amongst the mass retirement of the baby boomer generation.

3 Benefits of Utilizing Vnomics True Fuel to Measure Driver Impact on MPG in Your Fleet- Trimble Transportation

Trimble announced an integration with Vnomics, now owned by Tenstreet, to offer their True Fuel® technology to fleets utilizing Trimble in-cab technology.

Comprehensive Safety Management can Drive Down Insurance Costs- FreightWaves 

Tenstreet’s Josh McAllister reveals how Tenstreet’s Safety Management platform is appealing to all types of insurers, but can be especially helpful in the case of group captives.

Communication Methods Key to Successful Driver Recruitment- FreightWaves

FreightWaves highlights data that shows Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse app outperforms traditional recruiting methods like texts and emails.

Successful Strategies for Post-Pandemic Driver Recruiting- Heavy Duty Trucking

Tenstreet CEO, Tim Crawford, sits down with Jim Park of HDT to discuss trends that define the driver-carrier relationship and provide insight for fleets who want to stay ahead of the evolving dynamic.

Tenstreet Unveils New Powerful Features, Focused Acquisitions FreightWaves

Tenstreet has added a host of new features to its recruiting arsenal, making it easier and more effective than ever for carriers to recruit, onboard, and retain drivers.

Trucking, Turnover and Turning to Women- Women in Trucking

Women in Trucking pulls data from Stay Metrics, now a division of Tenstreet to analyze driver turnover amongst women in the industry.

Recruitment & Retention Rundown- Fleet News Daily

Fleet News Daily shares Tenstreet’s Recruitment and Retention Rundown to help you keep drivers in your trucks for the long haul.

Will Freight Be a Multiverse of Madness Forever FreightWaves

Tenstreet’s Bryon Wiebold appears on FreightWaves ‘What the Truck’ podcast to discuss The Elmer Lindamood CDL Training Scholarship Touch-A-Truck event.

Expedite Expo Kicks Off in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in July- Overdrive by Randall Reilly

Marilyn Surber will speak on a “State of the Trucking Industry” panel with John Elliot of Load One and Women in Trucking’s Ellen Voie at this years Expedite Expo.

Tenstreet Acquires Vnomics, True Load Time- Heavy Duty Trucking

HDT covers Tenstreet’s acquisition of two new companies. The addition of fuel optimization solution, Vnomics, and load-time management technology, True Load Time, augment Tenstreet’s retention and engagement services by reducing the friction drivers encounter.

Driver Turnover Driven by Different Factors Depending on Tenure, Gender- FreightWaves

FreightWaves and Tenstreet analyzed exit survey data to figure out why drivers leave carriers. Results from our analysis revealed that drivers with different amounts of tenure tend to leave carriers for vastly different reasons.

How Fleets are Winning the Race to Hire Drivers- Transport Topics

Marilyn Surber, Tenstreet’s transportation advisor, weighs in on the changing attitudes surrounding the hiring of student drivers.

How to Appeal to a Changing Truck Driver Demographic- FleetOwner

Marilyn Surber, Tenstreet’s transportation advisor, explains the importance of fleet management understanding how demographics are changing so they are better equipped to recruit and manage a younger generation of drivers.

Entry Level Driver Requirement Changes Start This Week- FreightWaves TV

Tenstreet’s Transportation Advisor, Marilyn Surber, appears on FreightWaves TV to discuss the changes to entry level driver requirements that were implemented in early February.

Is Driver Retention Getting Better? Stay Metrics’ Latest Data Suggests Yes- FreightWaves

FreightWaves analyzes various data comparisons in the latest quarterly report from Stay Metrics, owned by Tenstreet, that indicate drivers might be sticking around longer.

Advanced Truck Technologies Market Report 2022-2023- Yahoo! Finance

Stay Metrics, owned by Tenstreet, is cited stating that 70% of drivers who leave a carrier do so during the first year of employment in an article forecasting trends in the industry for the upcoming years.

Fleets Find Raising Pay Doesn’t Solve Driver Shortage- Transport Topics

Tenstreet’s Transportation Advisor Marilyn Surber notes in a conversation with Transport Topics that pay rate increases have a small effect, but not a broad sweeping one.

How Can Fleets Boost Their Attractiveness to Drivers?- FreightWaves TV

Marilyn Surber appears on FreightWaves NOW to provide insight on how fleets can position themselves to attract drivers. 

Global Advanced Truck Technologies Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% By 2032 – Yahoo!

Stay Metrics, owned by Tenstreet, is cited stating that 70% of drivers who leave a carrier do so during the first year of employment in an article about ever-changing industry dynamic.

Make Plans to Attend Truckload 2022: Las Vegas- The Trucker

Tenstreet is excited to be sponsoring Truckload 2022: Las Vegas, which along with our New Member Welcome Mixer, brings truckload professionals together for networking and education