• Reduce orientation costs

    Save your money.

    The more drivers do online, the less you spend on hotels, meals, and recruiter time. See an immediate 20%-40% in savings when you free your onboarding processes from expensive and mundane activities.

  • Curb driver turnover

    Keep drivers longer.

    Your orientation process is a driver’s first impression. Giving drivers a way to complete training, testing, and forms from their mobile devices frees their schedule, allows them to socially distance, and improves their experience.

  • Get to revenue faster

    Make everybody happy.

    Fewer days in orientation means more days on the road. Creating a winning onboarding solution that minimizes time in the classroom and gets your drivers on the road faster makes for happier drivers and happier bottom lines.

Forms Capture

Enables drivers to fill out forms online before or during orientation and provides carriers process updates, shortening class time and getting new hires on the road faster.


A convenience that allows you to order, track, and manage Greyhound tickets directly from the Xpress dashboard. Travel details are also saved and shared to drivers’ smart phones.

Training Content Library

Engages drivers with an interactive video training and testing library that sets them up for success, shortens orientation, gets drivers on the road quickly, and makes remote onboarding possible.

Confirmation InteliApp

Simplifies application updates by sending drivers a recruiter-modified version of their application for them to confirm and sign digitally.

Pulse MD

An electronic chain-of-custody that allows drug and physical testing before drivers arrive at orientation and provides real-time status updates with results delivered directly to Xpress.

Driver Pulse App

Drastically expedites your onboarding efforts and reduces costs by allowing drivers to complete forms, train and test, upload documents, receive Greyhound ticket information, and secure drug and physical testing before they arrive at orientation. Available on iOS and Android.

Document Uploader

Enables drivers to fill out forms online before or during orientation and provides carriers process updates, shortening class time and getting new hires on the road faster.

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How Much Could You Save On Onboarding Costs?

Onboarding new drivers can be time-consuming and expensive. You want drivers to have a smooth transition to driving for you, but you also want to be cost-effective.

Below is the full list of courses offered in our Training Content Library tool, sorted alphabetically by language. To see our classes sorted by category, see our Training Content Library cutsheet.

English Courses

Active Shooter Preparedness
ADA Requirements
Adverse Weather Conditions
Approaching Intersections Safely
Avoiding Animal Collisions
Avoiding Fixed Objects
Backing and Docking Procedures
Basic Control Procedures
Best Practices for Scale Houses
Biometric Screening
Bloodborne Pathogens
Body Protection
Brake Safety
Breaking Bad Habits
Bridges and Overpasses
Budgeting and Setting Financial Goals
Bus Operation and Safety
Canadian Hours of Service (Driving North of Latitude 60°N)
Canadian Hours of Service (Driving South of Latitude 60°N)
Cargo Securement – Auto Hauler
Cargo Securement – Flatbed
Cargo Securement – Refrigerated Units
Cargo Securement – Van Trailer
Caring for Elderly Parents
Changing Lanes Safely
Coercion Training
Communication In a Multigenerational Workforce
Confined Space Training
Confronting Railroad/Highway Grade Crossings
Construction Zones
Controlled Substances Basic
Controlling Road Rage
COVID-19 Safety Course 1
Crash – Basic
C-TPAT Overview
Dangers of Speeding
Dangers of Tailgating
Dealing with Stress
Defensive Driving
Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Distracted Driving
Dock Safety
Driver Empathy
Driver Fitness Basic
Driver Wellness
Driving At Night
Drug and Alcohol
Drug and Alcohol – Overview of Testing Procedures
Drug and Alcohol – Post Accident
Drug and Alcohol – Pre-Employment
Drug and Alcohol – Random Testing
Drug and Alcohol – Reasonable Suspicion
Drug and Alcohol – Return-to-Duty and Follow-Up Testing
Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse
Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse – How to Register as a Driver
Dump Truck Safety and Operation
Eating Healthy on the Road
Education and Awareness- Drug-Impaired Driving
Education and Awareness- Drunk Driving
ELD Compliance
ELD Compliance – Canada
Emergency Action Plan
Environmental Compliance Issues
Ergonomics and Wellness
Exercising on the Road
Exposure Control
Eye and Face Protection
Fall Protection for Construction Workers
Fall Protection for Non-Construction Workers
Fatigue Management
Financial Wellness
Fire Extinguisher Safety and Operation
Fire Safety
First Aid
Following Traffic Signs and Signals
Food Temperature Safety
Forklift Safety
Forklift Training
Foot and Leg Protection
Fuel Efficiency
Fuel Efficiency – Cargo Securement and Distribution
Fuel Efficiency – Driving Skills and Behavior
Fuel Efficiency – Idling, Speed, and Cruise Control
Fuel Efficiency – Tire Pressure
Fuel Efficiency – Trip Planning and Route Management
Fundamentals of Recognizing Hazards
General Cargo Securement – All Trailer Types
H2S Training
Hand and Arm Protection
Handheld Device Restrictions
Handling and Documenting Cargo
Hazard Communication
Hazard Perception
Hazardous Materials Spill Response
HAZMAT – Basic
HAZMAT – Emergency Response
HAZMAT – Loading, Driving, and Parking
HAZMAT – Regulated Products
Head Protection
Hearing Conservation
Hours of Service – 30 Minute Break
Hours of Service – 60/70 Hour Limit
Hours of Service – Basic
Hours of Service – Changes Overview
Hours of Service – ELD Rule
Hours of Service – Exemptions
Hours of Service – Passenger-Carrying Drivers
Hours of Service – Rules Overview
How to Use Driver Pulse
Hygiene and Cleanliness While Trucking
Identification and Diagnosis of Vehicle Malfunctions
Implicit Bias
Injury Prevention
International Roadcheck 2021
International Roadcheck 2021 Overview
Ladder Safety and Operation
Licensing, Permits, and Reporting
Maintaining a Healthy Back
Managing Long Distance Relationships
Marks, Labels, and Other Forms of Warning
Medical Requirements to Obtain and Maintain Your CDL
Mental Health and Wellness
Mountain Driving
OHSA for Trucking
Optimism and Gratitude
Pallet Jack Safety
Passenger Safety
Personal Conveyance
Post Crash Procedure
Pre-Trip/Post-Trip – Flatbed Trailer
Pre-Trip/Post-Trip – Passenger
Pre-Trip/Post-Trip – Refrigerated Trailer
Pre-Trip/Post-Trip – Tank Trailer
Preventing Cargo Theft
Preventing Hard Brake Events
Preventing Jackknifes
Preventing and Managing High Blood Pressure
Proper Lifting Techniques
Proper Fitting and Removal of Face Masks
Proper Fitting and Removal of Respirators
Proper PPE Usage
Proper Right Hand Turns
Proper Weight Distribution
Reasonable Suspicion
Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors- Alcohol
Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors- Controlled Substances
Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors- Introduction
Requirements for Drivers Operating Intermodal Equipment
Respirator Maintenance and Care
Respiratory Hazards in Construction
Respiratory Hazards in General Industry
Respiratory Protection
Roadside Inspections
Run Under Crashes
Rural Driving
Safe Backing
Safe Loading and Unloading
Safety Data Sheets
School Zone Safety
Seatbelt Safety
Skid Control and Recovery
Sleep Apnea and Your CDL
Slips, Trips, and Falls
Space Management
Speed Management
Spotted Lanternfly
Stationary Object Strikes
Strategies for Being Comfortable in Your Cab
Tarping Basics
Texting and Driving Dangers
Three Points of Contact
Tire Care
Triangle Placement
Trip Planning
Truckers Against Trafficking Certificate
Truckstop Parking Safety
Types of Crashes – Backing
Types of Crashes – Rear-end Collisions
Types of Crashes – Rollovers
Types of Crashes Overview
Understanding and Managing Diabetes
Unsafe Driving Basic
Using Ice Cleats
Using Tire Chains
Vehicle Maintenance Driving Basics
Visual Search of Road Surroundings for Potential Hazards
Whistleblower Protection
Workplace Diversity
Winter Driving
Workplace Harassment- Awareness and Prevention
Workplace Harassment- Introduction
Workplace Harassment for Supervisors- Awareness and Prevention
Workplace Harassment for Supervisors- Introduction
Workplace Harassment for Supervisors- Receiving Complaints
Workplace Violence

Spanish Courses

BASICs Clase de Aptitud para el Conductor
BASICs Clase de Conduccion Insegura
BASICs Clase de Cumplimiento de Horas de Servicio
BASICs Clase de Cumplimiento de Materiales Peligrosos
BASICs Clase de Indicador de Colision
BASICs Clase de Mantenimiento de Vehiculos
BASICs Sustancias Controladas Clase de Alcohol
Clase CSA
Clase de Conduccion Defensiva
Clase de Conduccion Distraida
Clase de Drogas y Alcohol
Clase de Mantenimiento Preventivo General
Clase de Seguridad Covid-19

  • “We were able to save about $400,000 a year that we were spending on hotels, useless travel, food, etcetera. We cut all that out and actually made drivers happier by getting them on the road quicker.”

    Casey Bellman
    HDM Trucking, Director of HR and Recruiting

  • “We get so much value out of Tenstreet’s online videos, quizzes, and forms – in fact we’re now really close to being completely paperless! We have orientation in multiple locations across the US and it helps us streamline our process and provide the same information to multiple drivers no matter where they are.”

    Andrea Mueller
    Prime, Inc., Onboarding Manager

  • “Our business has been struck hard by this pandemic. Through this financial hardship, Tenstreet has been a big help towards our company. Will not forgot the kindness your business has showed us [with your free onboarding offer]. We will continue our relationship with Tenstreet with the memory of when our business was financial hit you helped out more than you may know.”

    Jason Speaight
    Sunland Distribution, Director of Safety

  • “We have been using Tenstreet for several years now for our recruiting efforts, but recently switched over to a virtual orientation process. Working with our Tenstreet team has allowed us to streamline processes and implement an entirely paperless driver orientation, getting drivers cleared and on the road faster than ever before.”

    Branden Harper
    Mercer Transportation, Safety Administrative Manager

  • “I’ve used Tenstreet for many years and love the ease of this system. I can literally complete a full application and have the file almost completed before the driver even gets to class!”

    Lauren Brewer
    Church Transportation & Logistics, Inc.