Introducing Driver Pulse

Driver Pulse is a new smartphone app for drivers that saves carriers time and connects drivers to your hiring process like never before.

With Driver Pulse, your candidates have a real-time view of the recruiting process, and you have a way to communicate with them in real-time.

Carrier Search: Drivers can now search for your company to view your open jobs, company profile, and apply in just a few taps.

Background Reports Sharing – automatically share PSP, MVRs, CDLIS, and EmpHist Reports with your drivers

Progress Bar: Drivers can track their progress in your hiring process.

Message: Drivers and Recruiters can chat real-time via the message feature in Driver Pulse.

Active Jobs & Company Profile: No-cost advertising for your open positions and company brand.

Documents & Signatures: Collect driver signatures and documents in seconds through new upload feature.

Greyhound Integration: Push ticket detail notifications to your driver, which is then stored in Pulse for easy reference.

Free, Full IntelliApps: Receive free IntelliApps for your open positions.

Enhanced Driver Referral Program: Drivers can quickly refer their friends, kicking off a fully-integrated driver referral program that just works.

Like or Block: Drivers can “like” or “block” a carrier giving you valuable information concerning the driver’s interest in your company.

For more details, check out the Documentation Section in your Tenstreet Dashboard (under the Manage tab).


Save Time


Whether you receive ten applications per day or a thousand per day, the success of your business depends greatly on your ability to communicate efficiently with interested, qualified driver applicants.

Daily calls and emails from drivers concerning the progress of their application are very important, but can take up a lot of a recruiter’s time. The Driver Pulse App dramatically reduces the amount of these calls and emails by delivering the information applicants want automatically.

By connecting directly to your Tenstreet account, Driver Pulse delivers up-to-the-minute updates through push notifications and a progress bar that displays the entire process from application-to-hire.

Gain Insight


Recruiters need a way to quickly find the right applicants, including filtering out less interested applicants. The Driver Pulse App enables drivers to “like” and “block” carriers. While, no one wants to be “blocked”, these features give recruiters new insight into a driver’s interest level, helping them quickly decide if they should pursue an applicant or not.

Real-Time Messaging
Timing is everything, recruiters need an easy way to communicate directly with the most qualified applicants. Driver Pulse has a live message feature that enables drivers and recruiters to talk real-time on their smartphones from the office or on the road.

You’re in Control


Control what information is shared, and what services are available for your drivers. Nearly a dozen different toggles to keep you in control.
For more details, check out the Documentation Section in your Tenstreet Dashboard (under the Manage tab).
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