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Pay this Month, Skip the Next

Small fleets are operationally different than larger fleets. They can still benefit massively from online tools and automations that make them more efficient and help them grow. The difference is, they don’t necessarily need these tools every month.

That’s why we created Tenstreet On Demand, the solution for smaller fleets that lets you streamline your recruiting, onboarding, marketing, and safety efforts. On Demand gives you 6 essential services to help you hire quickly, market efficiently, and manage easily.

The best part?  You only pay for these services when you need them. With our pay-as-you-go system, information will be waiting for you whenever you want to access it and won’t cost you a penny when you don’t.

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Tenstreet’s On Demand Services

  • 1. Job Store

    A marketplace for ordering all your advertising, featuring dozens of job boards that place your jobs in front of 130,000+ drivers each month (through the power of Driver Pulse). 

  • 2. IntelliApp

    An online, mobile-friendly, pre-populating application that leverages the information of over 3.8 million active drivers to make it easier for applicants to apply to your company.

  • 3. Xchange

    A web-based service that allows you to provide and request any employee verification records so you can manage all your requests in minutes. 

  • 4. DQF

    A system for tracking the status of all your hired drivers’ DOT and non-DOT documents, complete with a missing and expired document report – helping you pass any audit. 

  • 5. Focus Reports

    Real-time, interactive reporting tools that help you advertise, process applications, and manage your drivers’ qualification files.

  • 6. Driver Pulse Mobile App

    An app that lets drivers search for and apply to jobs, view their application status, and communicate and share documents with recruiters, making it easier for carriers to connect with top talent. Available on iOS and Android.


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