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“65% of our new hires complete 2 hours of content before arriving at orientation. It’s not only a much better experience for our drivers, but it’s a lot more efficient for our staff.” – Steven Brantley, Director of Driver Recruiting, USA Truck

Many of our solutions help you hire the best drivers in the industry. Our Onboarding Solutions takes it a step further by helping you hire drivers better.

Our software pre-populates any data previously received from the driver so they don’t have to write their name, address, Social Security Number and many other routine pieces of information over and over again.

The entire orientation service can be configured to fit the needs of your company. New drivers can watch orientation videos and even fill out the forms online from a computer, tablet or phone before orientation so they can prepare for their first day of work, meet the team, and start driving sooner.

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Onboarding Services

  • Orientation Prep

    A robust set of tools that enable drivers to fill out forms, view training videos, and complete quizzes online before or during orientation, all while providing carriers updates about where their new employees are in the onboarding process – shortening class time and getting new hires on the road faster.

  • Confirmation IntelliApp

    Provides the applicant a read-only version of a corrected application, allowing them to electronically sign off on their DOT-compliant application.

  • Document Uploader

    Allows an applicant to take a picture of a document – such as CDL, SSN Card, Insurance, TWIC Card – and upload the picture into their subject record using their smartphone.

  • Greyhound

    Offers the convenience of ordering, tracking, and reporting on bus ticket purchases directly from the Tenstreet Xpress dashboard and sends ticket information directly to the driver’s Pulse app for easy reference.

  • Pulse MD

    A paperless mobile solution for drug testing that lets recruiters select available collection facilities for a specific date, zip code and radius, offers multiple real-time updates, and delivers test results directly into the subject’s record in Xpress.

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