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Why Come to The User Conference?

Don’t just take our word for it that the User Conference is packed with value – here’s what some of our clients who frequently attend had to say about our last conference:
  • “This was my first time at a Tenstreet User Conference and I plan on attending every year. Not only was it beneficial from a learning aspect but it allowed us to interact with the Tenstreet team and see how genuinely happy they are. It is clear Tenstreet has a great culture and has a collaborative team filled with creative problem solvers. They listen and help us get the job done.”

    Sylvia Mahfouz, Director of Recruiting – TCI

  • “The best part of the User Conference is the ability to know what is a.) coming on the horizon and b.) what we failed to capitalize on from past User Conferences. I would admittedly tell you, that as much as we’ve grown to a 3 billion dollar company with 5,000 drivers, we really stink at using Pulse and I didn’t even begin to realize and fathom how much capabilities that product has of Tenstreet. So, it’s just those nuggets that send off the lightbulb… and the data that Tim presents has been invaluable. We’re able to see some of the things like time-to-hire that we know is an important factor, but now you see it measured and on a global perspective from all 6000+ vendors or carriers using Tenstreet. It allows us to see that we’ve got room for improvement but we’re not that far out of the norm.”

    David Pike, Director of Recruiting – NFI

  • “This UC has been amazing… there’s a lot of valuable information, I was geeking out. I’m just so excited about everything.”

    Lexi Zahn, Lead Recruiter – Ruan Transportation

  • “I had the opportunity to attend the Tenstreet User Conference this year in Las Vegas and was blown away by the experience. The staff members that were in attendance were always around and willing to connect and truly looking for feedback from the people using their software. The amount of passion in every employee I came across was impressive to say the least and almost infectious. Coming out of the User Conference I was just really excited because Tenstreet makes me feel like I have a voice and it is heard. The conference is truly designed to show the users how to use the software to its fullest potential rather than selling more service. It is refreshing to see a company go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are happy with their service.”

    Shawn Broach, Recruiting and Safety Supervisor- Meiborg, Inc.

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