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Live Webinars

Every webinar we host is free and includes a live Q&A to address any and all of your questions. All webinars begin at 2pm CST.

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January 7th – Xpress Training
January 9th – How to Get More Hires, Faster! — a demo for prospective Tenstreet clients!
January 15th – Job Store 101 – Learn how to Advertise Jobs like a Pro
January 21st – Xchange Training
January 23rd – Job Store 201 – Learn how to Analyze Conversions like a Pro
January 29th – Meeting Your Needs as a Small Fleet — a demo for prospective Tenstreet clients!
January 31st – New Laws That Will Change the Way You Operate in 2020

Tenstreet’s 2020 User Conference

We’re eager to follow up last year’s fantastic conference with an even greater gathering of clients, vendors, and Tenstreet experts for knowledge sharing, training, and networking. We intend to welcome even more participants for this year’s session at the Bellagio Hotel in 2020, and we hope you’ll join us for our most notable event to date!

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Where is Tenstreet Today?

We love attending conferences. Tenstreet sees it as a great honor to be part of an industry built by passionate people who work hard and believe in what they do. Being involved members of multiple state and national organizations in trucking is a privilege and the benefits of networking, community involvement, ongoing education and awareness initiatives, and a chance to contribute to improving the industry and strengthening its players is unmatched.

We take every chance we can to build our relationships and meet with clients and prospects everywhere we go. Please reach out if you’ll be attending – we’d love to see you.


  • November 12 and 13 – Freightwaves – Chicago
  • November 14 and 15 – Indiana Motor Truck Association Annual Convention
  • November 18 – 20 – CCJ Solutions Summit
  • November 21 and 21 – Georgia Motor Truck Association Leadership Summit


  • October 3 and 4 – NAPFTDS Regional Conference – Region 4 in Corpus Christi
  • October 5-9 – ATAMCE – Management Conference & Exhibition
  • October 10 and 11 – NAPFTDS Regional Conference – Region 7 in Baltimore
  • October 16-18 – CVTA Fall Conference
  • October 31-November 1 – National Association of Small Trucking Companies Annual Conference


  • September 8-9 – NAPFTDS – Regional Conference – Region 6 in Charlotte
  • September 15-17 – Tennessee Conference
  • September 16 – NAPFTDS – Regional Conference – Region 3&5 in Pewaukee
  • September 17 – Ohio Trucking Association
  • September 18-19 – TCA – Microdea Conference
  • September 23-25 – Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) – Fall Conference

Tenstreet is the proud member of these state associations:

and these national organizations:

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