• Stop sending paper faxes


    Tired of mistakes and a slow, manual process? We’ve replaced your old fax machine with an electronic fax server that connects to the same systems you use to recruit, store driver paperwork, reply to verification requests, and more.

  • Partner with a powerhouse

    Join the #1 platform for verifications.

    Over 50% of your verifications can be handled electronically via Xchange. Verifications are returned 40% faster than the traditional method of faxing paper requests and releases.

  • Remove the redundancies


    Xchange automatically stores all requests and the attached releases for your records, significantly reducing the total cycle time and reducing the labor split between your processing and recruiting functions.

Electronic Requests

Request employment, accident, education, military, and drug/alcohol history electronically.

One-Click Auto Resends

Save time and mouse clicks when working on necessary request.

Saved Request Selections

Make re-sending employment verifications, drug & alcohol, and accident report requests effortless.

Electronic Filing

Ditch the paper for good – no more creating fax cover sheets or researching paper files.

Automatically Updated Historical Records

Track and store all your verification responses and good-faith attempts, fulfilling requirements for DOT-compliance tracking.

Xchange Summary Report

Monitor all your requests for every driver and highlights gaps in employment history.

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  • “I’ve used Tenstreet for many years and love the ease of this system. I can literally complete a full application and have the file almost completed before the driver even gets to class! Keep up the good work!”

    Lauren Brewer – Church Transportation & Logistics, Inc.

  • “Filling out forms by hand and faxing is so 1980s! With Tenstreet, I can complete verifications in just a couple of keystrokes, or even from my smartphone.”

    Jesse Hauskins, Recruiter – ZIPP Express & Logistics

  • “There’s a lot of software products out there that are not built for the volume of applications that are coming in today. We’re able to open the door from what we used to be able to process – for example, given 100 applications, I can pass through tenfold of that today with much more ease for my recruiters.”

    Joe Goering – ATS