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Stop Filing and Searching for Driver Documents

Let us help you go paperless and show you how we turn managing your DQF into the cinch it should be. With Tenstreet’s Enhanced DQF, you can stop worrying about misplaced documents and DOT audits and start spending more time focusing on what makes your business profitable.

Download the A Year With Tenstreet Safety Timeline to see how our Enhanced DQF and Driver Management services might look when you implement them!

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Safety Services 

  • Enhanced DQF

    A one-stop digital filing cabinet that keeps your paperwork organized and up-to-date. Equipped with features like Bulk MVR ordering, expiring document notifications for drivers and key personnel, easy COV completion and CDL upload for drivers, and an streamlined certificate of violations process, DQF makes compliance and DOT audits easy.

  • Driver Management

    Gives companies a comprehensive system for tracking and improving driver behavior that stores each incident and accident in one place, assigns point values based on standards you set indicating when drivers have reached unacceptable thresholds of behavior, and deploys solutions like video trainings and quizzes to address problem areas.

  • Issues & Surveys (Retention)

    Most driver turnover happens within the first 90 days of employment. Our goal is to extend driver tenure past the first 120 days, which increases driver profitability and reduces aggregate hiring needs. Issues & Surveys gives drivers an easy medium to voice concerns or problems, gives carriers insight into their businesses so they can improve their driver’s experiences, and ultimately keeps drivers happily retained.

  • Bulk MVR

    Completing an annual MVR Review for each of your drivers is a time-intensive endeavor with multiple opportunities for steps to get skipped and for information to slip off your radar. Tenstreet’s process gives you an easy way to order MVRs in bulk, track where each of your drivers is in this workflow, and complete all the steps online.

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