• Save yourself from paper pits

    Come up for a breath of fresh air.

    Working with paper can obscure crucial information and house difficult processes that lead to careless mistakes or failing an audit. Push the paper off your desk and get a clean start with a simple, easy-to-use DQF.

  • Become a compliance expert

    Protect the health of your business.

    Gain new confidence knowing your drivers’ files not only stay organized, but also stay compliant. Manage your drivers with software that delivers immediate updates on new regulations and molds itself to the way you operate.

  • Free up your focus

    Save your mental energy.

    With automated workflow built around your DQF duties, including annual MVR and points management, you can enjoy a system that steps you through what needs your attention next.

CSA Integration

Provides total transparency into how your drivers are performing. Our CSA service pulls daily carrier and driver FMCSA CSA data into the Tenstreet dashboard and features infraction –> action, a groundbreaking approach that identifies and assigns corrective training to drivers based on the infraction received, sending carriers and drivers on the road to improved safety.

Clearinghouse Services

Designate Tenstreet as your TPA and make life with the Clearinghouse a breeze. The Driver Pulse network connects with drivers to improve turnaround time and time-to-hire. Carriers enjoy the support of a dedicated full query clearinghouse team, automated annual bulk limited query ordering, adverse action support, and DQF alerts and reporting.

Issues & Surveys

Keep your drivers driving for you and improve your turnover rate. Built with retention in mind, Issues and Surveys gives drivers an easy, automated way to report issues and complete satisfaction surveys. By improving communication, you can fix any points of driver frustration and save money on hiring costs.

Driver Engagement

Ensure drivers stay focused on your company rather than on a competitor. Driver Engagement uses event-based triggers (like a change in status) and custom workflow to send forms, video trainings and quizzes, and texts or Pulse messages to keep drivers invested and engaged.

Enhanced DQF

Unburden yourself from the mountainous stacks of paper and tangled Annual MVR process. The DQF Control Center reports missing/expired documents and makes complicated processes simple. Create custom alerts, request driver documents, and free yourself with stress-free, accurate file reporting.

Bulk MVR

Ordering annual MVRs one at a time is now a thing of the past. Simply select the subset of drivers you want to target using custom search criteria (like an anniversary month) and order all your MVRs in a matter of seconds.

Driver Management

No more losing track of your driver’s accidents and incidents with this high-level, cumulative view of your drivers’ history. Create your own points system that uses automated workflow to send video trainings and quizzes to drivers to keep them on course with industry standards, regulations, and company policies.

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  • “As a one person Safety, Compliance, Recruiting, Human Resources, and Fleet Maintenance Manager, I’ve gotten hours back in my work week by using the Tenstreet suite.

    Our small fleet continues to grow and the biggest winners in all of this have been my family.”

    Lee Koon, Terminal Transport

  • “From recruiting drivers to building a paperless driver qualification file to safety – the savings in time and effort by integrating so fully with Tenstreet has been phenomenal. Our entire company likes Tenstreet; we use it thoroughly with every driver.”

    Tim Norlin
    Roehl, VP of Driver Employment

  • “We have been working with Tenstreet for almost ten years. Tenstreet has completely changed how we operate and recruit drivers. It has made us all more efficient and able to get drivers to work in a more timely manner. We would recommend Tenstreet to anyone without hesitation!”

    Deborah Johnson, Prime Drivers