• Remove busy work

    Stop going to a dozen sites for ad placements.

    Tenstreet aggregates job posting sites for you, giving you one point of entry to over 20 job boards. With the time you save, you can turn your focus to more meaningful driver interaction.

  • Allocate more effectively

    Make your marketing department nimble.

    Comparing performance is easy when you use one platform to manage your ad placements. Our free attribution reports consolidate and analyze your spend, making results-based decisions easy.

  • Rely on our dream team

    Receive placement advice from our experts.

    Our free Concierge service helps you manage your recruitment dollars across our merchant base, write ad postings, stage landing pages, and shows you what works best for your specific needs.

Multiple Job Board Integrations

We partner with popular job board vendors of varying price points to bring you a one-stop, fully integrated shop for all your job placements. Wondering which boards you can use through Job Store? Check out our ever-growing list.

Active Jobs

Enter your posting once and see it replicated across Pulse, your IntelliApp, Job Store, and Xpress, eliminating the chance of differing versions and needless repetitive work.

Pulse Match

Pulse Match will only show your job posting to candidates in Pulse who meet the qualifications you’ve set for the position, keeping scattershot applicants out of your pool. It only charges you a low cost per-application when you get an application. You don’t pay a thing until then.

Free Advertising

Offers free advertising of your open positions in the Driver Pulse app which are visible on your IntelliApp and recruiters’ Phone Application tool.

Attribution Handling

Tracks application volume and application type for each Active Job listed, and also displays line-item and aggregate totals for all of your ad spend.

Interconnected Marketing

Seamlessly connects with other marketing services like Drip Marketing, Job Board Scrubber, and Origins to give you a holistic approach to your advertising and marketing needs.

  • Step 1: Talk with us

    Tell us about the biggest problems your business faces.

    We’ll equip you on your fight forward.
  • Step 2: Launch with us

    Get up and running quickly with personalized trainings and ongoing education.

    We’ll become one of the team.
  • Step 3. Grow with us

    Easily overcome new challenges as you continue to grow.

    We’ll give you your time back.

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  • “With advertising, you’re not always guaranteed to get applications or leads by spending money. But with Pulse Match, Tenstreet optimizes our spend so we only pay for applications we get.”

    Andrea Mueller – Prime

  • “Most of the time, the happiest moment you have with a vendor is when you first sign them on. It’s all downhill from there. But with Tenstreet, I found myself happier with you six months down the road than when we first signed on.”

    Otto Welch, VP Driver Recruitment and Academies – Swift Transportation

  • “Since we started using Tenstreet the number of completed applications has more than doubled!!! We love the service and have recommended it to our sister company as well.”

    Trisha Garvey, Director of Planning and Development – Genox Transportation Inc.