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Managing postings and job board purchases across multiple, isolated sites is a complex process. To further complicate this already labor-intensive process, there’s attribution to tackle. If you’ve tried your hand at this, you know that attempting to track attribution is a relentless struggle involving spreadsheets, loosely-crafted formulas built from an incomplete picture, and a lot of wasted time and frustration when you find the numbers just don’t seem to add up.

The Tenstreet Job Store makes it easy to search for all your drivers in one place. We’ve partnered with popular industry job boards to make marketing for drivers as simple as possible and removed the headache of sorting out which sources are most effective by providing free attribution tracking in our job board portal for all your postings. And using the Job Store is free!

Job Store also aligns with other Tenstreet Marketing services like DripJob Board Scrubber, and Origins to give you a holistic approach to all your advertising and marketing needs, all while using data points exclusive to your Tenstreet dashboard.

No other service can offer you that.

  • Compare Merchants

    We currently have over a dozen popular job boards to get you the drivers you need, including options like Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook, and ( Each board gets you access to a unique market set and has individual strengths that set it apart from its competition, and you’ll find different merchants at every price point to suit budgets of all sizes.

  • Attribution Handling 

    Within Job Store, we give you a free Performance Report, which allows you to easily see the number of applications and hires received from each of their sources and referrals. It tracks how many and of which type of application received per Active Job listed, and also provides line-item and aggregate totals for all of your ad spend.

  • Pay Only For Apps Received

    Tenstreet’s Pulse Match service embraces this idea by only showing your job posting to candidates who meet the qualifications you’ve set for the position, keeping scattershot applicants out of your pool. It only charges you a low cost per-application when you get an application. You don’t pay a thing until then.

“With advertising, you’re not always guaranteed to get applications or leads by spending money. But with Pulse Match, Tenstreet optimizes our spend so we only pay for applications we get.”Andrea Mueller - Prime

No More Replicating Job Postings

Active Jobs provides a supremely simple way to manage your job postings. Enter them once and see them displayed live and in real-time across our Pulse App, your IntelliApp, in Job Store, and in various helpful places in Xpress. Any updates made will update across the system, eliminating the chance of confusing, differing versions, tedious replication of the same job entry across multiple platforms, and silo-ed or forgotten entries.

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