• Connect with your drivers

    Build a driver-centric culture

    Get direct feedback from drivers through well-timed surveys, find out if expectations are being met, and take immediate action with new drivers at risk of leaving.

  • Make smarter decisions

    Let your data lead the way

    Powerful data can remove the mystery of why truck driver turnover is high. Compare yourself against other carriers to see key areas in which to improve driver retention.

  • Strengthen driver loyalty

    Keep drivers longer.

    Through rewards programs, drivers can accrue points for milestones and positive behaviors, creating a “sticky” factor for your company and a more dedicated fleet.


A perfect way to get started using surveys, Insights uses a standard survey set of questions based off market research, taking the guesswork out of engagement and providing a clear look at a driver’s experience. Surveys are pushed through Pulse, our driver-facing app, helping carriers reach more at-risk drivers, faster.

Pulse Video Chat

Use video call technology to communicate live or leave video messages with your drivers. Video chat helps you to establish individual relationships with drivers, making them feel heard and giving you a personable way to communicate face-to-face while they’re on the road. Drivers can view these messages or take video calls right from the Driver Pulse app.

Rewards Program

Keeps drivers engaged and connected to you by providing them with points for key milestones and behaviors. Points can then be redeemed for items like electronics, home goods, movies, tools and more.


Learn of any new developments that may need immediate attention with a quick check-in. A weekly, two-question survey will be sent to your drivers through the Pulse App to assess the overall health of your fleet. Designed to help keep your fleet running smoothly, address larger issues and improve communication overall.


Video broadcasts offer the power of on-demand messaging to targeted groups of hired drivers, or to your entire fleet. Whether you are sending videos about new company changes or introducing clarity around an issue you’ve been getting a lot of questions about, Broadcast adds a human touch to your messages that make drivers feel less alone on the road. Drivers can watch Broadcast messages from their Driver Pulse App.
  • Step 1: Talk with us

    Tell us about the biggest problems your business faces.

    We’ll equip you on your fight forward.
  • Step 2: Launch with us

    Get up and running quickly with personalized trainings and ongoing education.

    We’ll become one of the team.
  • Step 3. Grow with us

    Easily overcome new challenges as you continue to grow.

    We’ll give you your time back.

A Strategic Alliance

In 2020, we purchased Stay Metrics to help our clients more effectively tackle retention. Read more about this exciting partnership.

Take the 1st step

Stay Metrics Top 5 Areas to Target for New-to-You-Drivers

Drivers just joining a carrier are the most at-risk of leaving. Stop these newly onboarded drivers from leaving before it happens!

  • “The driver survey data we get from Stay Metrics continues to drive the conversations we have in maintenance, dispatch, and other departments to improve the work experience for our drivers.”

    Jason Eisenman, Director of HR, Liquid Trucking

  • “The support offered by Stay Metrics for the onboarding process has been critical and they continue to show their flexibility to go above and beyond the customer’s expectation to meet their needs and also embrace product improvements.”

    Scott Schell,
    President, P&S Transportation

  • “I’ve said it before but cannot say it enough; the client service is second to none. It’s more than professionalism; Tenstreet genuinely cares about their clients and always offering to help in any way. I have had such a great experience with Tenstreet that I promote this company to everyone I speak with in the trucking industry.”

    Steven Cagle
    Driver Liaison, Reliable Transportation Specialists