Five New Tenstreet Features Bring Christmas to July

We love Christmas over at Tenstreet. We’re already focused every day on giving our clients the products and services that most benefit their businesses, so why not carry that spirit all through the year?

It’s even easier to give when we receive suggestions on how to do better from our users themselves, which is what happens at the Roadmap Discussion session of our 2019 User Conference, as well as during our regional user summit we host year-round. We survey users about what they’d most like to see developed in the future and always come away with great ideas for features, services, tools, and general enhancements that could improve the product for everyone. Attend our 2020 User Conference or a regional user summit meeting so we can hear your ideas!!

From these suggestions we extracted the baubles that shined brightest and packaged them up just in time for Tenstreet’s Christmas in July, otherwise known as our Q3 Product Update. So grab your favorite reindeer swim trunks, throw some ice in your peppermint hot chocolate, and settle in to read about July’s product updates – the real reason for the season. 

These updates will be pushed out in the next coming weeks in July. You’ll receive an email to let you know when they’re live!

1. Interactive Checklists

This feature suggestion from one of our clients was the top favorite, garnering the most votes from peers at our Roadmap Discussion session. Checklists have become even more useful with the addition of a new feature that allows users to complete checklist items directly from the lists themselves – just click to open an item and update it directly from the list! It’s now easier than ever to get the items on your list ticked off faster so you can onboard new employees, run processes, change tags and statuses, and keep driver records up to date all from the checklist view. 

Don’t have any checklists in place yet? Contact your Account Manager to get started! For those with existing checklists, watch for yours to magically transform into an even handier tool.

2. Dashboard In/Outbound Email

We already offer the option to communicate with drivers through Pulse messages, phone calls, texts, and more, but now you can add email to the list of ways you can communicate with applicants and employees where they live. You can now send emails through Tenstreet that are automatically logged by the system, keeping you from having to copy those messages from your own inbox into Tenstreet to track the relationship with the driver. Eventually, we’ll send all email (e.g. drip, autoresponder, ad hoc, etc) on your behalf so they’re less likely to get caught up in a spam folder.

Interested in testing this one out? Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more about becoming a beta tester.

3. Facebook Leads

For our clients using Facebook leads to gather information about new drivers, we have a simplified solution to getting your data into the Tenstreet system. We’ve built our own bridge between Facebook and your dashboard, making it easier than ever to manage all your prospective applicants in one place. This is a free tool for all primaries.

4. Samba MVR Ordering

For users taking advantage of our new integration with Samba, we now offer the option of ordering MVRs directly through them. Your annual review process just got even easier. Contact your Account Manager to get started.

5. Pulse MD with HireRight

PulseMD already integrated with eScreen and WorkforceQA, but now we integrate with HireRight as well, giving you more options while still allowing for faster, more secure results via our electronic chain of custody. Contact your Account Manager to get started.

Did you forget to check your stocking? 

We’ve also stuffed in these sparkly trinkets to create the full Christmas morning effect!

  • New Xchange Tracking Report filters  – such as status and age of the request
  • The ability to upload multiple documents at once – drag and drop or multi-select
  • Emoji support – add your favorite emoticons to texts and Pulse messages 

Merry Christmas! 

Want to see all these updates in action?

We’ll be introducing the ideas we developed and demonstrating how each one works to make your company run more efficiently. Please join us on July 30th at 2pm CST for our Christmas in July webinar as we unwrap these five shiny gifts!

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