Tenstreet Acquires Stay Metrics to Lead the Market in Recruiting, Retention, Driver Data

We’re excited to announce that Tenstreet and Stay Metrics are coming together to help clients grow stronger in the areas of recruiting and retention, so you can continue to maintain and grow your fleets, even when the industry gets tough. As the leading SaaS provider of driver recruiting software and workflow solutions for the trucking and transportation industry, we feel that this partnership will help us to better serve clients of both companies by offering unparalleled driver-focused solutions.

The driver shortage makes the landscape for hiring new drivers competitive, which is why retaining current talent is immensely important for the long-term success of your business. We’ve identified retention as a top priority for Tenstreet clients, and by bringing Stay Metrics’ existing strengths and solutions into our business, it will be easier than ever for carriers to listen to drivers’ voices and make them feel valued. Stay Metrics clients will benefit through opportunities to enhance their hiring processes, so they can bring in great talent on the front end and retain that talent moving forward.

A strategic alliance

Both Tenstreet and Stay Metrics are known for their unique collection of driver data, which provides carriers insight into the current state of the driver market, highlights trends in driver behavior, and helps companies overall to make better data-based decisions. Our union will provide clients with a more extensive driver data set in one unified platform, making it easier than ever for carriers to make informed decisions about their business.

Drivers will also benefit since Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse app will be enhanced to encourage deeper engagement with carriers through satisfaction surveys, rewards programs, and driver wellness trainings.

Tim Hindes, the CEO of Stay Metrics, will continue to lead the retention side of the organization while Tim Crawford, CEO of Tenstreet, will lead the whole of Tenstreet in supplying tools to assist carriers with marketing, recruiting, onboarding, safety, compliance, and now retention.

Crawford expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition and stated, “I’m really excited to be joining forces with the team at Stay Metrics. We both share a vision for better connecting carriers and drivers and are looking forward to bringing great solutions to the market.”

Hindes heartily agreed, “Our team is energized by the possibilities. This transaction allows us to bring our suite of driver retention products to the broader market. Being on the Tenstreet platform will make it easier for drivers to engage with our surveys and rewards programs and will bring the market best in class recruiting and retention services.”

We understand that you have questions about how this affects you, and it is our highest priority to ensure an easy transition for everyone as we bring these companies together. With that in mind, we’ve provided some initial FAQs below to help address any questions that you may have.


Everything will be business as usual in terms of how you access your tools, reports, and data. Stay Metrics as a company will exist under the Tenstreet umbrella and Stay Metrics service offerings will be added to Tenstreet’s existing product catalog. We’ll continue to update you with our progress as we navigate this endeavor.

It will not. You’ll keep your current pricing and services.

Current clients of both Tenstreet and Stay Metrics will keep their current account manager or teams. You can continue to expect fast, responsive service from both companies’ support teams.

We’re still figuring out the best way to make payment as easy as possible for our clients who use both Tenstreet and Stay Metrics services, but expect a combined invoice in the future. For now, payment collection will occur as usual.

Eventually. Our long-term goal is to create a singular place for you to easily monitor your business, but for now, these services are still accessed separately. We’ll be sure to communicate any changes to how you access your tools before they happen.

Eventually. We intend to bring Stay Metrics’ powerful driver-focused engagement tools into Pulse to make it easier than ever for drivers to fill out surveys, track their rewards, and more. We’ll keep you updated as we make these changes.

We’re currently working on bringing the best of Stay Metrics into Tenstreet and presenting new product offerings that we think will suit our clients best. Expect more news in the coming months about what this looks like.

Contact your Tenstreet advisor – they will work with you to find the best tools to help you take advantage of our new offerings through Stay Metrics.

Your Stay Metrics Client Relationship Manager will continue to help answer any question and can connect you with a Tenstreet team member as well. We look forward to getting to you know you and helping you market, recruit, onboard, manage, and retain your drivers, all on one platform.

Have another question?

We’re enthusiastic about the possibilities this presents for us and can’t wait to continue innovating as one dynamic organization. Let us know how we can make this transition easier for you and what questions we can answer in the comments below!

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