Deep Dive into Driver Pulse Features: Request and Upload Documents

At Tenstreet, our clients are one of the most valuable resources that we have for developing and improving the tools and services we provide. Taking the time to listen to feedback from our clients on all of our new products and asking “What other tools can we develop to help you run your business?” has […]

Driver Pulse Enhancements

One of our goals at Tenstreet is to continually improve our tools, and we’re always looking for new ways to make them more valuable for drivers and carriers alike. Recently we’ve been looking for ways to improve our Driver Pulse App, and we’re happy to announce we’re introducing two new pieces of functionality that we […]

Driver Pulse Invite & the Tragedy of the Commons

“clients who participated in our test program saw that 2% conversion rate quadruple” Last fall, Tenstreet conducted an experiment aimed at helping our clients obtain more value from their job board leads by automatically inviting candidates to take the next step and complete an IntelliApp. We ran this pilot program with a handful of Tenstreet […]

Driver Pulse Profiles + Job Postings

Steady Improvement & Integrated System One of the mainstays of our business philosophy at Tenstreet is constantly striving to improve our services for our customers, whether that means making big innovative leaps or steady incremental changes to better our existing products and services. Another deeply held belief for us at Tenstreet, is that ‘loosely coupled’ […]

Driver Profiles for the Win

Sorting a Large Number of Applicants One of the most time-consuming challenges carriers face when recruiting new drivers is simply sorting through all the applications submitted each day. Having a large number of applicants is, of course, a good problem to have, but finding a way to quickly determine which applications are most promising can be […]

The New Driver Pulse App by Tenstreet

In light of the driver shortage, carriers need to stay connected with candidates more than ever.  75% of candidates apply to more than one carrier. The drivers need to keep track of the progress of multiple applications and are often left uncertain of details and next steps. That’s why we created Driver Pulse. It helps carriers […]