America’s Truck Drivers: Exceptional Every Day

You spend long days on the road and often end them with a candy bar or to-go sandwich from a rest stop instead of a warm dinner around the table with your family.

You miss birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and important moments with your loved ones because you’re needed on the road.

You work harder to find places to use the bathroom, do your laundry, and sleep because of the demands of driving hundreds of miles every day.

These efforts are commendable every day, but even more so amidst the specific demands COVID-19 created for you: bare shelves at the grocery store, closed rest stops and fast food restaurants, and assignments that took you into more infected states despite the fact that so many of you are at an age that puts you at greater risk.

Thank you for being exceptional in the face of fear and uncertainty.

Thank you for being away from your families to help us take care of ours.

Thank you for safely delivering critical medical supplies for our hospitals, food for us to feed our families, and daily household products that keep our homes and businesses running. America depends on this freight.

Truck drivers are our modern-day heroes and we are so grateful for you. We know your job is difficult and that our country would not survive without you. You facilitate life as we know it every day of the year, through good times and through crises and it will be because of the kind of selflessness and strength that you display every day that we as a nation rise together to make it through this pandemic together.

Our planet is in the throes of unprecedented uncertainty. The coronavirus (COVID-19)  disrupted life in ways that affected every one of us. Restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, and countless other public spaces were shut down, while grocery stores were inundated with shoppers stocking up on supplies. Families who were able hunkered down together, staying indoors to avoid spreading or contracting the virus. For most of the world, this event made unusual demands of them.

Meanwhile, America’s truck drivers are doing what they do every day: working tirelessly to keep our country supplied with the essential resources it needs. Unsteady times like these have intensified our gratitude for the demanding labor of drivers, who routinely make sacrifices to create easier and more comfortable lives for all of us.

Thank you, truck drivers. We appreciate you. 

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