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Pulse MD: Drug Screening Made (Really) Easy

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Ready to save time in your orientation class by having your drivers tested before they even arrive? Get your drivers on the road faster, stop spending money on drivers who can’t pass a test, and take the headache out of the drug testing paper trail with Pulse MD – your Mobile Drug Testing Provider.

Watch old Bandit run

Or, watch the video we aired at our GATS happy hour below to see just how much easier Pulse MD will make your drug screening process.

Tenstreet has joined with drug screening providers eScreen and WorkForceQA to create a paperless, mobile solution through Pulse that allows you to operate using a completely electronic chain of custody (eCCF) in three easy steps:

  1. schedule a collection site facility near your driver
  2. send a drivers a digital barcode & collection site details via their phone
  3. get real time updates and test results delivered directly into your subject record Xpress

We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done

Coming soon! Ping your driver while he’s on the road to complete that random drug testing requirement. Your driver can select any collection facility location in the entire U.S. from his phone, and pull off the road and into the collection facility – right then and there. Get the results back almost immediately without ever having to leave your desk.

Never mind them brakes

Don’t stop now! Call your advisor now at 877-219-9283 to learn more, and get started with Pulse MD (Beta) today!

Watch the webinar, and then let’s get started!

Pulse MD Webinar


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  1. If this works as advertised – I am ALL IN. In my department, I am not a decision maker, just an influencer. I will suggest we follow thru and give this a try out.

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