Why You Should Become a Tenstreet Network Provider

By now you should be familiar with how Tenstreet’s Xchange network is making driver candidate verification easier for the trucking industry. With a database of over 11,000 carriers, Xchange makes requesting and providing information about candidates from previous employers a painless job that only takes a few clicks and a couple of minutes. What used to be a tedious task of tracking down former carriers and searching for a fax number or mailing address in order to send a request can now all be done over the Xchange system, with minimal paperwork and comprehensive record-keeping.

Driver Candidate Verification Simplified

Both businesses making requests and those providing verification will find the process of communicating employment information between carriers simplified. Submitting a request is as stress-free as logging onto the free requestor account and using the search function. From there, Xchange allows you to select the company you’re looking for, fill out a short form regarding the candidate and the type of employment information you’re requesting, attach the appropriate release, and submit it all instantly to the previous employer. Xchange saves prospective and former carriers a lot of hassle by saving time, keeping easy-to-track records of requests made and answered, and cutting down on paperwork.

Instead of faxes rolling in and stacking up in the tray or getting lost under a stack of files, network providers get an email notification every time a request comes in.

Signing up as a network provider makes the process of dealing with requests for employee verification from prospective employees even easier. As soon as a former employee starts looking for work, you know you can expect to receive multiple requests coming in looking for information regarding their employment history, drug testing, and accident records. Instead of faxes rolling in and stacking up in the tray or getting lost under a stack of files, network providers get an email notification every time a request comes in. In the Xchange system, they can then create and store all the relevant records regarding former employees’ work history, and send their response out to each company requesting the information with the click of a button. No more filling out the same files and information over and over. The system even automatically stores all requests and the attached releases for your records.

In an industry with somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 carriers, growing our database is a big priority. We want to become as comprehensive a resource as possible for carriers everywhere. Signing more carriers on as network providers helps make this service even better. That’s why we want to make signing up to be a network provider the easy choice for your business.

What does signing up as a Tenstreet network provider entail?

Simply provide Tenstreet with your basic contact information, including your address and fax number, and allow us to set up your free provider account for you on the Xchange database. Becoming a network provider means that not only do you get free access to the Xchange network provider service, which allows you to respond quickly and easily to all employee verification requests, but we also provide you with some additional perks. Carriers who become network providers also receive:

  • Free driver monitoring reports to keep track of past employees who are re-entering the job market whom you may want to rehire, and current employees who may be thinking about leaving
  • A free fax cover sheet to refer carriers requesting employment verification to use the Xchange system
  • Free access to previous employers that current candidates for your business may have omitted from their work history

Ready to become a provider? It’s Free!

To learn more about responding to DOT verifications, head over to our Providing page or contact Jamie at [email protected], or 918-943-6234. Remember, both the requestor and network provider Xchange services have always been and always will be free. This is a service we provide because we value our clients and want to provide a helpful resource to carriers that demonstrate how our services can benefit your business. Signing up as a network provider is risk-free, with no hidden charges down the line.

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