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Referrals from existing drivers are a great way to find new drivers. But most driver referral programs are difficult to manage and frustrating for drivers. We see carriers try all sorts of things – from drivers handing out cards, to asking the referred drivers to name the referrer on their application.

“referred drivers in our program apply about 60% of the time!”

Complication, Frustration & Fraud

These programs are an easy mark for anyone that wants to game the system. Complication, frustration and fraud reduce the inherent value of most referral programs. The fundamental problem is attribution. How do you accurately associate referred drivers with the correct referring drivers?

A good solution has to remove the complication, protect carriers from fraud, and be a transparent system that the referring drivers can trust.

Referral Bonuses

Given the referral bonuses most carriers pay, the referring drivers are the most motivated people in this situation. Our referral program makes it easy for current drivers to refer other drivers using our Driver Pulse App on their smartphones or tablets.

A Better Solution

  1. The referring driver (Bob) fills in a quick form in the Driver Pulse App including the referred drivers name (Sal), email and phone
  2. If Sal applies (via any app or any path), he’s associated with Bob – so Bob can get credit however that carrier’s program works (when he’s hired, when he finishes orientation, etc.)
  3. Bob can track whether Sal has applied yet from within the Driver Pulse App
  4. Neither Sal, Bob nor the carrier has to do anything beyond step 1 ( it just works )
  5. Optionally, Carriers can give Bob text to send Sal, or the carrier can email Sal and/or enroll him in a drip marketing campaign.

Our driver referral program simplifies the process, removes the likelihood of fraud, and gives Bob a transparent process via the Driver Pulse App.

Referred drivers in our program apply about 60% of the time!

To get started, contact your Account Manager today, or reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

Comments 7

  1. How do one sign up for this referral program? Unique links, etc?

  2. How does the pulse app knows to send it the referral to us and not a different company. What is the cost to add this to our account?


    1. Hi Mark! Thanks for writing in! When a driver refers another driver, he or she first has to select the carrier to which they’d like to send their friend referral information. We’ve reached out to your advisor, Tara, for pricing – she should be in touch very soon to help get you the information you require!

  3. This referral program sounds good, but it needs to be really easy to access for the driver doing the referring. Maybe a QR code with a direct link or something along those lines. Drivers are too tired at the end of the day and often put off things like going to a website to make a referral.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jefferson – a QR code would make it really easy and is a great idea. We’ve also made it extremely simple with Pulse — which is a free app available for iPhone and Android –- that many drivers already have downloaded on their phones. Once signed in, drivers simply click a button!

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