Faster, More Personal Orientation With Tenstreet’s Mobile-First Training Library

Build a Better Orientation

We know your primary goal for driver orientation is to create a meaningful onboarding experience for drivers. The overwhelming challenge of juggling tasks between communicating and collecting information, essential safety training, and interacting with drivers can be difficult to balance with the overarching objective of shortening classes to get drivers on the road quickly. Opportunities to form relationships with drivers, connect them with key employees, and differentiate your company throughout orientation are often limited by hours of paperwork and outdated training videos.

As part of our continuous effort to grow valuable connections between drivers and carriers, we’ve developed a library of interactive training content to promote a modern way of engaging, training, and testing drivers.

During the time you save onboarding through the content library, drivers could be receiving valuable face-to-face training on more complex items, learning about your company, meeting the team, completing their road test, and more. By letting drivers complete required forms and training videos outside of physical meetings, you allow more time for training topics that need to happen in person.

Increase Driver Engagement with Interactive Training Videos

Our sleek, user-friendly video library is developed specifically for drivers to complete from the convenience of their mobile device. Training content can also be easily completed from a desktop or tablet. This gives drivers the flexibility to learn as much as possible prior to arriving for orientation.

Drivers are provided a neat checklist of onboarding items – such as training videos, documents, and forms – they have been assigned through our mobile application, Driver Pulse. This establishes clear expectations for materials that need to be completed and makes orientation less burdensome.

Each Tenstreet training video is built with an interactive interface and provides a variety of audio and visual elements to accommodate for different learning styles and keep the driver’s attention. All our proprietary content is designed with the goal of keeping drivers engaged throughout the training course using a variety of learning modules.

An example of a training content video about distracted driving.

Quizzes are embedded to pause and check the drivers’ knowledge over the previous lesson(s) using true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, and matching tests. A certificate is issued to the driver with each completed course and a record is available to be submitted to their driver file.

Align Onboarding and Safety

The content library connects with Tenstreet’s full range of solutions, letting you schedule and manage all training assignments from one place and supporting an automated, paperless process. You can track completion progress of assigned materials from your dashboard, so you know what items are complete prior to drivers arriving. This allows you to group drivers based on their completion of materials and customize your safety training with individuals based on their pace. Once courses are complete, a certificate is submitted to the respective driver file and you are able to view these analytics from one login, enabling a clean handoff to post-hire safety management.

In addition to training during orientation, you can schedule courses to drivers at any time during their employment. Continuous training for your existing drivers is essential for continued awareness of safety standards, especially following a safety violation. You can even set up customizable automation rules that enroll drivers in real-time training. Using training videos beyond orientation supports an ongoing safety-conscious mindset and reminds your drivers of proper procedures. This equips you with another tool to increase driver awareness of safety hazards and reduce the likelihood of an accident or incident.

Accommodate Social Distancing Practices

Now more than ever, having a set of video trainings and other onboarding tasks for drivers to complete prior to their arrival is essential to advancing your onboarding process and meeting social distancing guidelines. Mobile orientation allows drivers to have access to everything they need to be successful, stay safe, and get on the road faster.

Get Started with Tenstreet’s Training Library

Our training library is always growing with new titles! With Tenstreet’s onboarding solution, you have everything you need to improve connections with drivers, shorten orientation, and get drivers on the road faster. You can view our full list of training titles here.

If you are interested in getting started with our training library and complementing onboarding solutions, click the button below!

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