Origins: A Look into the Software

We’re focusing on actionable data in the form of comparative results between your advertising sources.

So we’ve taken a few stabs at this in the past – but the results were either too incomplete (print the reports on thin paper and hold them up to a bright light) or too hard to use (you had to invest a ton of time and be really into analytics to get any value).  But we’re not satisfied with that. We’ve been working really hard at a new approach – an approach we call “Origins.”

One of the lessons we tried to use in developing Origins is that it’s a mistake to focus more on accuracy for its own sake, and lose sight of the real goal – understanding and improving the return on your advertising spending.  To the extent you worry about getting to the right of the decimal place, you get a system that’s accurate and powerful but too hard and time-consuming to actually use.

So we’re focusing on actionable data – in the form of comparative results between your advertising sources – and not so much on academic precision for its own sake.

What Are the Big Elements of The Origins Tool?

  • a customizable definition of the funnel 
  • define origins & spending 
  • back-end process that tracks individual driver progress automatically with no additional recruiter/driver work


Pull all the elements together and you get a system that tracks the progress of individual drivers finding their way to & progressing through your recruiting process. Or put another way, the system tracks your advertising spend & how each driver that comes through that advertising progresses through your recruiting department so we can understand what advertising is leading to what outcomes.


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