Mobile-first IntelliApp Optimized for Driver Experience

In June of 2018, we wrote two devotional blogs to our beloved IntelliApp, the DOT-compliant, online application that over 80% of drivers (that’s over 3.8M drivers at the time this blog was published) have interacted with during the course of their driving career. Considering that this number grew by 200,000 drivers in 11 weeks (that’s […]

Getting to Know the IntelliApp, Part 2: A Deeper Dive

In last week’s blog, we highlighted all of the features of the IntelliApp that make it truly exceptional. But believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When it joins forces with other Tenstreet services, it stands even stronger. This week, we’ll dive in a little deeper to learn more about how […]

Getting to Know the IntelliApp, Part 1: Under the Hood

You’re probably familiar with the basics of IntelliApp and what it can do for you. But how much do you know about how it’s working to make your recruiting process more efficient and effective? The IntelliApp, for all its obvious advantages – its ease of use, its mobile-first attitude, its DOT-compliance—is more nuanced and complex […]

We All Need a Little R&R!

We all need a little R&R to refresh and re-energize our minds. This month was no exception. Two weeks ago, Carlo Solorzano and I were thrilled to attend the 2018 Recruitment & Retention Conference hosted by Conversion IA, American Trucking Association, and Transport Topics, in Nashville, TN – America’s music capital and most welcoming honkey-tonk […]

IntelliApp Statistics: A Clear Look Into Your IntelliApp Traffic

If you love visual metrics, then IntelliApp Statistics was made for you. Our IA Stats service provides visibility and transparency into the performance of your IntelliApp through the use of pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs – allowing you to make informed decisions about your hiring process. Getting your data in such a clear […]