Pulse In-App Messaging Captures Drivers’ Attention, Wins More Hires

Texting is a driver recruiter’s dream. With obvious advantages over email (e.g. a more intimate way to connect, a higher open rate, and a higher and faster response rate), text messaging has made a major shift in the way businesses communicate with us and has proved an effective strategy to get candidates hired over traditional […]

Why Tenstreet for Your Mobile & Texting Strategy?

A Streamlined Process When it comes to finding qualified candidates, it’s important to stay on top of new technologies and texting is a recruitment strategy that’s on the rise with carriers across the country — about 60% of recruiters are already using texts to communicate with their candidates. When it comes to integrating new techniques […]

5 Reasons To Add Texting to Your Recruitment Strategy

Few carriers these days take advantage of text messages in their recruitment strategy. Smartphones and text messaging go hand in hand, and developing a strategy incorporating both is crucial to reaching untapped candidates and setting yourself apart from other employers. Here are the five biggest reasons you need to implement texting in your recruitment strategies […]