COVID-19 Creates Industry Shift in Driver Behavior: Latest Stats

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In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are currently witnessing an unprecedented change in driver behavior and industry-related trends and wish to share these findings with our clients and the rest of the trucking industry.

Our goal in this blog is to provide insight into the driver market to help carriers make more informed recruiting and onboarding decisions during this uncertain time.

These numbers will be updated each week to include the current week’s new application, processing, and onboarding/hiring activity.

With the exception of Acted On%, all data columns are indexed back to the week of 2/24 (2/24 level = 100).

Application Activity

Week All Apps Received Full Apps Received Problem State Full Apps Drivers Applying
2/24 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0
3/2 105.0 111.2 122.1 100.5
3/9 102.5 106.8 124.2 99.1
3/16 127.1 103.9 107.9 101.9
3/23 125.2 116.0 128.8 95.2
3/30 108.9 111.0 161.8 104.9


All Apps Received – level of apps received across platform, regardless of app type

Full Apps Received – level of full apps received across platform

Problem State Full Apps – full apps received from CA, WA, & NY

Drivers Applying – level of unique drivers

Key Takeaways:

Last week saw a the number of apps received across the platform bounce around a bit relative to the prior week while remaining strong overall, with the level of drivers in the market about flat. As far as the activity level in the states hardest hit by the Covid-19 (NY, CA, & WA), the volatility seen over the last couple of weeks continued with another big jump in apps from the preceding week.

Processing Activity

Week Acted On % PSP Dashboard Users
2/24 27 100 100
3/2 24 102 101
3/9 22 96 99
3/16 21 94 95
3/23 19 91 91
3/30 19 90 89


Acted On – % of Subject (regardless of App Type) with Xchange or Background Request

PSP – level of subjects with PSP request

Dashboard Users – count of distinct enterprise clients, logged in during the week

Key Takeaways:

From a processing perspective, it seems things have settled into a new normal, below the pre-pandemic levels but flat to slightly declining in the three weeks since.

Onboarding/Hiring Activity

Week Bus Ticket Onboarding Hiring
2/24 100 100 100
3/2 92 99 98
3/9 93 101 94
3/16 79 105 90
3/23 371 100 84
3/30 51 109 82


Bus Ticket – level of subjects with bus ticket – typically ordered as part of orientation

Onboarding – level of subjects completing at least one online onboarding task

Hiring – level of subjects marked as hired in system

Key Takeaways:

Travel via bus continued its free fall this week, hitting a 50% drop compared with the week of 2/24 and we saw hiring activity continuing to drop over the past week. The big surprise was the size of the jump in online onboarding activity. This week saw levels nearly 10% above the pre-pandemic levels, while hiring is off 20% – a nearly 30% increase in a 6 week period. In addition, the level of ticketing for bus travel to orientation took another big drop this past week – clearly dropping much faster than hiring activity as carriers move to different means to get drivers to orientation than bus travel.

This blog will be updated every Monday morning as the virus continues to affect driver behavior and overall industry trends.

Be sure to bookmark this page to follow the most recent data points, trends, and takeaways each week in recruiting, processing, and onboarding/hiring.

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