• Make efficiency easy


    Real time in-cab coaching is the most immediate and impactful way of changing inefficient behaviors. Just like a rumble strip helps immediately correct steering, coaching tones help improve performance.

  • Move away from MPG


    We all know MPG is not an accurate measure of driver performance. True Fuel® has helped over 80,000 drivers improve and saved clients over 100 million gallons of fuel & 1 million tons of CO2 using a fair and balanced metric.

  • Reach your fuel potential


    Data-rich reports show quantified fuel waste due to driver behaviors, providing unique insights into fleet and driver fuel performance. Fleets typically achieve a 3-10% reduction in fuel consumption.

In-Cab Driver Coaching

Audible coaching tones increase fuel efficiency through real-time feedback on wasteful driving practices.

Data-Rich Portal & API

Answer impactful business and operations questions with actionable fuel efficiency insights from the True Fuel® portal or the API.

Actionable Analytics

Automated reporting provides only the data needed to your driver trainers, empowering them to have efficient and impactful coaching conversations.


With True Fuel Silver and Gold, you can use Tenstreet’s Rewards Platform to award top performers for efficiency with points that can be exchanged for eGift Cards directly through the Driver Pulse app.

Balanced Performance Metric

Analysis of a driver’s engine speed, road speed, idling, and cruise control generates a Fuel Efficiency Metric that is easy to understand and easy to improve.
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Start a Fuel Incentive Program with Drivers in Mind

When you take a dedicated approach to constructing a fuel incentive program, you can create something that works for your carrier.

  • “With True Fuel from Vnomics we have the ability to coach drivers to shift and manage speed more efficiently.”

    John Dunn
    Senior Distribution Manager, Upstate Niagara Cooperative

  • “Vnomics enabled us to improve our fuel economy by more than seven percent in one year, which translates into annual savings of 3.5 million gallons. Before we began using the fuel optimizations solution, our fleet averaged 5.8 miles per gallon. More recently our fleet is averaging 6.8 MPG. Vnomics has had an impact on our bottom line by contributing to a dramatic improvement in fuel economy.”

    Brian Balius
    VP Transportation & Engineering, Saia LTL Freight

  • “Vnomics made me a better driver. The system is very user friendly and I learned quickly. Through Vnomics, I feel very confident that all who utilize it will improve tremendously. I highly recommend Vnomics.”

    David S., Driver

  • “Vnomics has made me a better driver in the area of shift score and fuel savings. The system is very user friendly and I have been able to learn from it quickly. Through Vnomics I feel very confident that all who utilize it will improve tremendously. I highly recommend Vnomics.”

    Dean T., Driver Trainer

  • “I participated in a trial of Vnomics for one of my large customers. It wasn’t long before I realized that I wasn’t always shifting my 2001 Peterbilt in the most efficient way, that I needed to shift more effectively to operate at a lower engine RPM. The result was a dramatic 19 percent increase in fuel economy, from about 6.0 to 7.2 MPG. After almost 40 years as a truck driver I never thought I would learn anything new about efficient driving, but with Vnomics I’m getting performance out of my truck I never thought was possible. Changing old habits is hard but Vnomics makes sure I stay on top of things and it saves me money, which is noticeable when I’m buying fuel.”

    Mike Clarke, Driver