Tenstreet 101: What Happens After You Become a Client

The transportation industry is always changing, bringing new challenges and things to learn at every turn. It can be hard for busy carriers to keep up with this constantly shifting landscape, which is why we at Tenstreet believe that one of our most important responsibilities is to improve our clients’ experience by providing ongoing educational opportunities. We keep our solutions updated to make sure they’re keeping up with the way this industry works. While it’s our job to educate our clients in both areas, it’s equally important for carriers to understand what’s going on so they can optimize their business the way they want.

Whether you’ve just joined Tenstreet or are a long-time client who wants to make sure you’re getting the most out of the service, we’re always here to help — and that doesn’t end when clients finish onboarding. Read on to learn more about how you can make the most of these learning opportunities.

Your Account Management & Advisory Teams

Our mission at Tenstreet is to help your business run better, and our teams are in place to grow with you. This means saving you time, money, and effort so that you can focus on growing your business the way you want to.

If you’re a Tenstreet client, you’ve had the pleasure of working with one of our client-facing teams. These salespeople, advisors, and account managers work hard to educate you about useful tools, set up accounts, onboard and train users, answer questions, and assist however they can in helping our clients get the most value out of their tools. These professionals bring years of experience in both support and transportation roles and are a crucial part of making Tenstreet run smoothly.

As you start working with Tenstreet, questions will inevitably arise, and your account manager will always have your back. Advisors are the members of your Tenstreet team who are focused on helping you make the most of your tools and discovering new functionalities that might help you solve new problems you encounter. When you onboard with Tenstreet you’ll be assigned to an account management team and to an advisor, and their contact information will remain easily accessible in your dashboard.

Job Store Concierge 

Tenstreet’s free Concierge service pairs clients with a specialist who can advise on maximizing the utility of the Job Store, writing better ads, setting hiring geos, choosing the best merchants for you, and managing your recruitment budget – all for no cost or long-term commitment.

Here are just a few things our expert concierge team can do for you:

  • Help you write effective job postings to post across various Job Boards
  • Ensure your landing pages are staged to attract qualified candidates
  • Manage your recruitment dollars effectively across our merchant base
  • Show you which boards work best for you to prevent wasted resources

Monthly Webinars

Join our monthly training webinars to learn more about how Tenstreet services can help you achieve your goals. Every webinar we host is free and includes a live Q&A session to address all your questions. All webinars are hosted on Tuesdays and Thursdays and begin at 2pm CST unless otherwise noted.

2024 Monthly Training Webinars
  • Measuring Marketing Performance Beyond Hires – Advanced Metrics for Measuring Marketing Success in the Trucking Industry 
  • Xpress Training – Driver Recruiting Made Easy
  • Xchange Training – Employment Verification Made Simple
  • Unlocking the Power of Customized Feedback with Insights Gold – Hosted by Brad Fulton and Becca Mathews 
  • Safety Management 101 Training – Become a Compliance Expert

Another way to stay up to date with the latest services from Tenstreet is by registering for our New Products Webinars — never miss a launch date or product reveal! We host deep dives on all our services and post the recordings on our website for you to view at your convenience.

You can learn and register for these webinars from our emails, dashboard login notices, our monthly newsletters, and our Webinars & Events Page, which is updated monthly.

Monthly Newsletter

The monthly newsletter helps you stay informed of all the most recent developments in your Tenstreet dashboard and includes service updates, new releases, compliance news, webinar information, and anything else that helps make your work easier.

Industry News

In addition to sharing what we learn about carrier and driver behavior through internal channels with our clients, we like to enter the larger trucking space and share important information we’ve gleaned with the industry at large. You can find our appearances in major trucking publications, at conferences, trade shows, and organizational meetings, on podcasts, and more through our Tenstreet in The News Page.

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While we keep you up to date in all the ways mentioned above, one of the best way to ensure you never miss out on a Tenstreet update is by following us on our social media channels. From monthly webinars to hot topics in the transportation industry, we promise to keep you in the loop. 

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User Conference

Our 4th User Conference will take place April 20-23, 2022 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, NV and is a great way to make the most of your Tenstreet tools. We’ll be gathering together our vendors, our Tenstreet experts, and our clients to connect and share knowledge, with some Vegas fun squeezed in along the way. This year’s conference will deliver a ton of value – we’ll be bringing back many of our clients’ favorite features like:

  • a deep dive into new driver trends and insights we extract from our collection of driver data (a Tenstreet UC exclusive)
  • tailored trainings on solutions within all six of our service categories (marketing, recruiting, onboarding, safety, compliance, & retention)
  • early access and introductory pricing on new services
  • best practices, tricks, and tips on how to get the most out of Tenstreet
  • forums for sharing your opinion and voting on future development
  • focused breakout sessions that let you focus on the topics that are most relevant to your business
  • one-on-one client meetings to connect on your specific needs
  • opportunities to network with industry peers
  • and more!

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