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How Has Driver Behavior Changed During The Pandemic? FreightWaves YouTube

Tenstreet’s Marilyn Surber was on FreightWaves NOW to talk about the changing world for hiring drivers as we continue to move through the pandemic.


Daily Infographic: Defy Slow Recruiting Processes With Tenstreet’s Xchange FreightWaves

This new infographic from FreightWaves shares ten key benefits of how our recruiting system, Xchange, can help you streamline your company.


Coming This Summer: Gas Stations Running Out Of Gas CNN.com

Tenstreet and Stay Metrics’ Brad Fulton was featured in this piece from CNN about the driver shortage among tanker carriers and its potential impact on gasoline availability and travelling this summer.


Drilling Deep: In Hiring Drivers, Speed Is Of The Essence – FreightWaves

Tenstreet’s CEO, Tim Crawford, joined Freightwaves’ Drilling Deep podcast and shared what he’s seeing in the driver market, including why carriers need to act swiftly when it comes to hiring.


EFS Chat Recap: Despite Pay Increases, Fleets Still Scrambling For DriversFreightWaves

Tenstreet’s Marilyn Surber was featured on Freightwaves, discussing the current driver shortage with Rob Hatchett of SeatMyTrucks. Watch them share their thoughts on finding drivers in 2021.


Trucking Job Numbers: Stronger, But TemperedFreightWaves

Tenstreet’s CEO, Tim Crawford, shared thoughts related to driver application volumes.



Tenstreet Provides Valuable Data To Help Carriers Recruit, Retain Qualified Drivers FreightWaves

The Stay Metrics’ acquisition is featured, along with how one carrier is utilizing Stay Metrics’ driver retention surveys.


Noodling The Numbers Of Google Searches For Truck Driving Jobs FreightWaves

Tim Hindes of Stay Metrics and Tenstreet shares thoughts on the driver shortage and the pandemic.


Pay Is The Top Factor In Truck Driver Retention: Study Transport Dive

A recent analysis of Stay Metrics data, called the Stay Index, is highlighted showing the importance of pay for driver satisfaction and commitment for both men and women.


Driver Shortage Not Eased By 2020’s Reshuffled Labor Market Commercial Carrier Journal

Tenstreet and Stay Metrics’ Brad Fulton discusses changes in the ages of drivers.



With Driver Turnover Down In 2020, Roadmaster Group Plans To Go Lower Commercial Carrier Journal

Stay Metrics’ data is highlighted in this piece on driver retention and turnover.



Primed for growth: Liquid Trucking turns misfortunes into 2021 advantage Commercial Carrier Journal

Stay Metrics’ driver survey and rewards platforms are highlighted in this piece about Liquid Trucking.