Acquisition of TruckMap, Launch of New Rewards & True Fuel Programs

We were excited to announce at our 2023 User Conference in Las Vegas that we have acquired transportation routing company TruckMap.

TruckMap is a mobile app for truck drivers that provides updates on parking availability, access to local truck services, and truck-optimized GPS routing. These functionalities will be incorporated into Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse App to make the platform even more useful for drivers on the road, joining an existing mobile job application, online training courses, fuel pricing information, and several other features that help over a million drivers each year manage their careers and drive more effectively. TruckMap is based in Chicago, Illinois.

We also announced enhancements to our Driver Pulse App at the User Conference, one of the more significant changes being a new Rewards platform that lets carriers grant points to drivers at significant milestones and to reinforce positive habits. Applause Rewards can be given to drivers for behaviors like receiving a customer compliment, helping another driver, or driving safely for several months in a row. Points can also be automatically delivered for events like birthdays and work anniversaries. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards at driver-preferred vendors like Flying J, Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, DoorDash, Lowe’s, Petco, and more.

The Rewards functionality can also be used to run sweepstakes for drivers. Carriers determine tasks that drivers can complete to earn entries into weekly and monthly sweepstakes, gamifying behaviors they want to encourage and keeping drivers engaged and rewarded.

Additionally, we introduced a set of fuel-efficiency offerings as part of our True Fuel service. The system allows a more equitable assessment of driver fuel-usage than a traditional miles-per-gallon approach. The new offerings allow carriers one-tap implementation of a comprehensive fuel-incentive program, powered by Driver Pulse and the newly introduced Rewards system. Carriers can also leverage telematics-based fuel-usage data for advanced fuel efficiency. All the tiers of True Fuel are built on the foundation of a decade of data gathering and machine learning and deliver thousands of dollars of fuel savings per truck annually.

To learn more about these new acquisitions and features, reach out to us at [email protected] or sign up for a demo to see them for yourself! 

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