Tenstreet Announces Acquisition of TruckMap, Launch of New Rewards & True Fuel Programs

We were excited to announce at our 2023 User Conference in Las Vegas that we have acquired transportation routing company TruckMap. TruckMap is a mobile app for truck drivers that provides updates on parking availability, access to local truck services, and truck-optimized GPS routing. These functionalities will be incorporated into Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse App to […]

Reach Your Full Potential with Professional Services

For as long as Tenstreet has created software that helps carriers run their companies more efficiently, we have been committed to working closely with our clients so that they see success with our tools. Our team of advisors and account managers are on hand to help trucking companies use their products effectively because there’s no […]

The Top 18 Trucking Conferences of 2023

Attending conferences is a necessary priority in the transportation industry. Trucking conferences are a unique way of keeping your company relevant while building skills you can carry throughout your entire career. They expand your knowledge, keep you up to speed on industry news and regulations, create unexpected connections with peers, and generate new ideas. As […]

The Future of Trucking: Top Trends You Need to Know

The future of trucking is a much-discussed topic among companies and drivers alike. What will the semi-trucks of the future look like? Will future truck drivers of America even have jobs to go to as self-driving trucks loom on the horizon? Today’s trends are already shaping the future of the trucking industry, and they are […]

Tenstreet 101: What Happens After You Become a Client

The transportation industry is always changing, bringing new challenges and things to learn at every turn. It can be hard for busy carriers to keep up with this constantly shifting landscape, which is why we at Tenstreet believe that one of our most important responsibilities is to improve our clients’ experience by providing ongoing educational […]

Tenstreet Announces Partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking

Tenstreet offers free TAT training video to entire driver base through proprietary content training library and Driver Pulse app TAT is a 501(c)3 that exists to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking, bus and energy industries to combat human trafficking. The partnership between Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) and Tenstreet is key in […]

Five New Tenstreet Features Bring Christmas to July

We love Christmas over at Tenstreet. We’re already focused every day on giving our clients the products and services that most benefit their businesses, so why not carry that spirit all through the year? It’s even easier to give when we receive suggestions on how to do better from our users themselves, which is what happens at the Roadmap […]

New Year, New UI

2019 is coming up fast and the Tenstreet Dashboard user interface is going to make it the best year ever. This will be the year it gets in shape, speeds up, and adds new functionalities for its users, all while looking great and having fun. It’s so excited for these big changes that it can’t […]