Tenstreet’s ITI Integration Is Like a Box of Chocolates…

…you always know what you’re gonna get. That’s how the quote goes, right? At any rate, our new partnership with Instructional Technologies, Inc., announced at our 2019 User Conference, is as delight-filled as your favorite box of indulgences. This integration will bring you tasty content inside your favorite container, the Tenstreet dashboard. Sample just a […]

Increased Retention Starts with Onboarding

When does a driver’s experience with a new employer begin? You might think it’s the day they walk through your door for orientation, but the reality is that once a driver has shown up at your office, they’ve already formed an opinion about how life will be with their new employer. Your onboarding process is […]

The Case of the Paper Pit

Here’s the second mystery in our series on crimes against trucking – keep reading to discover some of the biggest culprits in holding back your business and how to stop them in their tracks. The abandoned building on South Street is the reminder of the town’s once-lusty progress, a wretched emblem of what could have […]

Get Your Drivers to Orientation: Onboard Better

Finding quality drivers is a challenge for any recruiter—and after writing a compelling job post, figuring out where to put that post online, and maintaining your active posts, you’re probably ready to sit back and take a break once you’ve located the people you want driving for your company. But it isn’t enough to locate […]

Spring Clean Your Business: Go Paperless!

The new year’s busy first quarter has passed, and spring has sprung once again. After a long day’s work, you notice a ray of sun stretched across your desk, revealing a light layer of dust. You run your eyes over the stacks of paper that have accumulated around you and suddenly become inspired to do […]

Pulse MD: Drug Screening Made (Really) Easy

Ready to save time in your orientation class by having your drivers tested before they even arrive? Get your drivers on the road faster, stop spending money on drivers who can’t pass a test, and take the headache out of the drug testing paper trail with Pulse MD – your Mobile Drug Testing Provider. What […]

Your Tenstreet Starter Kit: 3 Popular Stacks

LEGO®, arguably the most ingenious toy ever invented, has come up with a brilliant way to help businesses realize their full potential. Using Lego-building exercises to foster employee creativity and inspire conversation, certified LEGO facilitators lead workshops meant to “fully harvest the insight, ideas, and imagination available in your organization”. Employees leave with unique solutions […]

3 Ways to Know if You Need Recruiting & Onboarding Software

Recruiting and onboarding is a $120 billion industry worldwide. As a result, software developed to streamline operations in these areas has created an industry of its own, worth $1.5 billion and counting. While there’s been some debate on whether recruiting and onboarding software is an actual business must-have, or just a nice-to-have, we decided to […]

Top 4 Reasons to Adopt a Mobile Onboarding Solution

Today, the average person keeps their phone within reach 22 hours a day 79% of the time, and checks it over 150 times throughout the day. With 2 out of every 3 adults now using a smartphone, and 20% using it as their primary device to access the Internet, it’s easy to see why just about every […]

6 Tips to Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Optimizing your onboarding process (hiring & training) to save time and create a better experience for the driver is more important than ever before. A better driver experience means spending less time completing paperwork by hand, and fewer hours sitting in a classroom. The growing trend points to using this valuable time learning about the […]