Introduction to Xchange

Managing Driver Verifications & Finding the Most Qualified Drivers Verifications might not make the world go ’round, but they do make your recruitment process move forward. When you’re running a trucking business, making sure that you’re hiring safe, qualified, and experienced drivers is priority number one. While verifications can be a time-consuming headache, they’re a […]

What Carriers Need to Know About the Xchange Network

While it’s true that thousands of carriers use Xchange each month, we know that not all carriers are currently taking advantage of our program.  Because we know first-hand the difference Xchange can make in how a business operates and obtains driver verifications, we thought it might be a good idea to cover the basics to make […]

Why You Should Become a Tenstreet Network Provider

By now you should be familiar with how Tenstreet’s Xchange network is making driver candidate verification easier for the trucking industry. With a database of over 11,000 carriers, Xchange makes requesting and providing information about candidates from previous employers a painless job that only takes a few clicks and a couple of minutes. What used to be […]

What’s Free & Better than 11,000+ Trucking Carrier Fax Numbers?

To hire a driver, a carrier has to inquire of all the other carriers a driver has worked for in the past three years. We would love for all those inquiries to be made via Xchange, but until that day, they most often take place via fax and include a signed release and a form asking […]