Driver Pulse Enhancements

One of our goals at Tenstreet is to continually improve our tools, and we’re always looking for new ways to make them more valuable for drivers and carriers alike. Recently we’ve been looking for ways to improve our Driver Pulse App, and we’re happy to announce we’re introducing two new pieces of functionality that we hope will make everyone’s lives a little bit easier. As you probably know, there are many instances when a carrier needs to request that a driver sign a set of authorizations. Authorizations are needed to run everything from background checks, to PSP, to employment verifications, and chasing down your drivers for them can be a tedious task. Years ago we built the Request Signature from Applicant tool in order to automate that task and make meeting that need a little simpler for both your recruiters and drivers. The Request Signature tool, which has proven amazingly useful over the years, has nonetheless aged slightly in the time since it was designed. In today’s increasingly mobile-centric digital landscape we know that relying completely on an email-based tool is no longer the most effective way to get people’s attention.

The Request Signature Tool Goes Mobilesignature

To reflect changing communication trends, we’ve updated the Request Signature tool: now when a carrier clicks “Request Signature” in the Driver Pulse panel, the subject will receive an instant mobile notification via cell phone as well as the standard email. The signature request will also be visible in the Carrier Details page. When drivers tap the button, they will be able to view all the authorization language and complete the signature process without ever leaving the Driver Pulse app, making the whole process much quicker and easier to complete.

Pre-populated Applications via Driver Pulseapply

We’ve also taken the opportunity to improve applying via the Driver Pulse app, so it’s now easier than ever. When a driver clicks on the “Apply” button on a carrier’s detail page, a pre-populated IntelliApp will appear, and the driver can complete and submit the application without ever leaving Driver Pulse. This new functionality makes the application process much faster and more convenient for drivers, and as a result boosts the number of applications carriers receive.

Driver Pulse Trends

"more applications were coming in from drivers who had been inactive with a given carrier"

Driver Pulse has proved itself to be a wildly successful tool, with hundreds of drivers applying via Driver Pulse every week. With all of these applications rolling in, we’ve had the opportunity to analyze how drivers are utilizing Driver Pulse, and see if there are any notable trends. When we were first developing these new features for Driver Pulse, we anticipated that we would see a subset of the larger recruitment trends, where IntelliApps would come mostly from drivers who had recently submitted a multi-carrier or lead-form type application and were following up with a full IntelliApp as the next step in the hiring process. While that was certainly happening, we saw another surprising and interesting trend: more applications were coming in from drivers who had been inactive with a given carrier, and were now submitting brand new applications. In fact, the average elapsed time from their last application to these new ones was well over a month, and many of these new applications were coming in after several months of inactivity.

These new applications seemed to be happening out of the blue. These drivers’ interest had been rekindled, with zero additional cost or expense on the behalf of the carrier. So the next time you see an IntelliApp with a referral of “Pulse_App,” you can take a look at the average media cost you spend per application through traditional recruiting methods, and pat yourself on the back for being part of the Driver Pulse Network.

"These drivers’ interest had been rekindled, with zero additional cost or expense on the behalf of the carrier."

Free Driver Referral Program

As a reminder of some of the other perks that come with Pulse, remember that all Pulse carriers have a free driver referral program that takes the pain out of the attribution process. To take advantage of this program, just contact your advisor or account manager to get the referral program reports added to your catalog, and learn about a free drip campaign that will encourage your existing drivers to download Pulse so they can refer others easily and with confidence.

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