Tenstreet Pulse Match: A Love Story

For Dana Rodriguez of Nationwide Express, her search for the perfect match seemed like a lost dream. After six months of searching and $5,000 in ads, she still wasn’t finding who she needed in the Redding, PA area. She was ready to call it quits.

Then Dana discovered Tenstreet’s matching service

After learning about the service from another client, Dana learned how to create a free company profile and wish list that described what she needed in a driver.  She outlined the ideal applicant using qualifiers like location, type of experience, age, endorsement, and more.

And just like that

Nationwide Express was visible to over a million drivers on Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse. But to find her perfect match, she signed up for the one-to-one carrier driver matchmaking service, Pulse Match. Just like e-Harmony and Match.com, Pulse Match works to pair drivers and carriers based off mutual interests.

Dana had been burned before, and understandably wanted to take things slow. So she started with a modest budget of $90.

That meant that for any driver who matched her wish-list, Tenstreet pushed Nationwide Express to the top of the list in Driver Pulse, indicating a highly-compatible match and encouraging that driver to apply.

It was love at first sight

Dana’s first match resulted in a full-time hire. This was a driver she had been searching for since August of 2016. One day after creating her profile and wish list, Tenstreet was able to connect her with a qualified driver that resulted in a full-time hire.

The power behind the perfect Tenstreet fit

Pulse Match works because it leverages the network effect of Driver Pulse, a free service that drivers use to fill out applications and submit them to carriers in minutes. Carriers receive free applications, and are discoverable to drivers who may otherwise not have thought to apply to them.

Estimating that three out of every four drivers have downloaded Pulse (based on number of downloads, activity type, and number of active drivers in the market), and given that over 5,800 carriers have signed up to be showcased on Pulse, this platform continues to gain value for both carriers and drivers as it grows.

A lock and a key

A matching service eliminates the friction for both driver and recruiter, including time spent on non-interested or unqualified drivers for recruiters, and disruptive calls for drivers. With matching, recruiters choose to pay $45 per matched application, saving them time and allowing them to segment the driver population so they only see drivers who are compatible.

There is no minimum spend, and no time commitment. You provide us with a budget (like Dana’s $90) and we’ll make sure the keys you get are drivers that fit the criteria of your lock. 

Getting started

Do what Dana did! Reach out to our team by emailing [email protected] and let us help you find the match of your dreams. Then sit back and watch the magic happen!

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