Automating Driver Engagement

Savvy carriers know that in order to recruit and retain quality drivers, driver engagement is a must. Here at Tenstreet, we have a lot of tools to automate engagement for both your prospective and current drivers (think Drip Marketing and Job Board Scrubber). Automation at the retention stage is made possible by Tenstreet’s robust Driver Pulse App and our driver engagement tools.

Hook Drivers During Onboarding

Having drivers use Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse app during the recruiting process nurtures your prospects during each stage of their hiring. Move a driver to ‘Ready for Orientation’, and personalized emails requesting a driver to complete a form, upload their CDL, or watch training videos are automatically delivered to the driver. The driver has the ability to respond, for example by asking a recruiter a question on the training video they just watched. As drivers pass through each status milestone, their commitment to the carrier deepens, improving the probability that the driver will arrive at orientation.

Checklist reporting makes it easy to see what each driver has responded to, and what they haven’t – offering quick insights into the level of each driver’s engagement. Carriers are able to (1) gather required documents pre-hire, (2) decrease orientation time (and save on associated costs), and (3) reach out proactively to those unresponsive drivers so you’re not surprised by any empty seats at orientation – wins for every business trying to hire drivers.

And Keep Them Longer Once Hired

Pre-hire isn’t the only time you want to engage your drivers – post-hire is just as critical. Considering the high costs behind driver turnover, keeping a driver over onboarding a new one is the conscientious choice. Our Insights and FleetCheck tools were created with retention in mind. They give drivers an easy way to respond to automated surveys, letting carriers in on what keeps their drivers happy and driving for them without having to do a ton of additional work to collect the information they need to make important business decisions.

Do More with Automation

Engagement is just one way Tenstreet’s Advanced Automation Services can work for you. Automation triggers can be designed to validate a checklist, schedule classes, notify key employees, adjust scoring after application submission, set tags, flag issues, change statuses, perform calculations, conduct complex application routing and (re)assignment — and really anything you can dream up.

If you can imagine it, we can build it. Contact your advisor or [email protected] to learn more about how automation can help you save time, while standardizing any process workflow.

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