Putting an End to Advertising Inefficiency

When we look at how advertising for drivers works in 2017, we’re reminded a lot of how verifications worked in 2007.

Drivers paying $20 to fax in authorizations from truck stops, people standing over fax machines to send requests (and resending, and resending), filling in forms and sending them back, wash, rinse, repeat…

When we look at how advertising for drivers works in 2017, we’re reminded a lot of how verifications worked in 2007

Fast forward to today and you see carriers spending a lot of money on all types of advertising – and also spending lots of time manually submitting insertion orders, keeping them consistent across publishers, and spending hours fiddling with spreadsheets trying to calculate their cost per lead, app, and hire. And wash, rinse, repeat.

We put an end to this Sisyphean cruelty in the world of verifications with our Xchange solution in 2007, and we’re ending it today in advertising. One thing that’s certainly true is that when it comes to advertising effectiveness, your mileage will vary. When we work with clients, we see that the same types of advertising that work for one client are often ineffective for another. But we also see a common thread – while a silver bullet doesn’t exist, a scattering of well-aimed lead bullets can get the job done.

Our solution is simply to reduce the friction and increase the clarity around the marketing process. We’re not trying to be Don Draper – we leave that to the ad agencies. What we’ve done is simply created tools to make the mechanics of advertising easier, and the results from that advertising clearer.

One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy (With These Advertising Tools)

1. Active Jobs

Active Jobs puts an end to managing and entering duplicated job postings across multiple, isolated boards. In Xpress, simply enter in an Active Job once – and our plumbing works to display the post live and in real-time across our Job Store (which posts to popular job boards – see item 2), Pulse, IntelliApp, and the Phone app.

While carriers usually advertise in several places and across several channels (web, email, and phone), the jobs they are trying to fill are still the same.  Why enter them each hundreds of times? Active Jobs gives you the ability to showcase your company and the jobs you are trying to fill – in one place, and to make those descriptions visible in many places at the same time. Whether a driver is talking to you on the phone, completing an IntelliApp online, has discovered your company via Driver Pulse, or sees your ad in a posting from the Tenstreet Market (see item 3), the details all come from a single place.

2. Job Store (Beta)

Job Store allows you to simply purchase ad space and push your active jobs out to any number of job board sites with just a few mouse clicks from inside Xpress.

3. Tenstreet Market (Beta)

In addition to subscription-based models, we’re also introducing a pay-for-performance model with Tenstreet Market. With this model, you only pay for what you get. You set the budget for the month, and only pay for the number of IntelliApps you receive – no more and no less.

4. All-Inclusive Drip Marketing

Of course, these tools can all be supplemented by our Drip marketing tool to help you efficiently connect with drivers over time.

5. Origins and More!

The results in terms of costs per hire are measured clearly via our Origins toolset.

Our other tools for streamlining your marketing effort – from hosting Landing Pages to leveraging the ability to pre-populate IntelliApps to powering your Driver Referral program are all available as well.

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